What is Wyldwood?

Wyldwood is first and foremost a collection and celebration of traditional lore, customs and practices which herald from pre-Christian roots.

Although Wyldwood is based in Druidry, it is not limited to Druidry and although our focus is on British customs and folklore, we will never exclude other cultures.  This is in part because British pre-Christian customs have been, for the most part, lost to time and oppression, yet mostly because no culture should be celebrated as better than any other.

We feel that it is important to the human spirit to have a sense of belonging, and pride in our ancestry, but never to the exclusion of others.

Who’s Who?


I am the founder of Wyldwood Radio and The Wyldwood. I have been a practicing Druid since the mid 90’s and follow a path of Celtic Paganism.

You might see me out and about at various Pagan events, festivals and gigs, come and say hi!

Rene & Antoinette

Long time listeners and fans of Wyldwood Radio, Rene and Antoinette joined the team in 2018 as DJs on the station.

Together they host both Ironwood: Pagan rock and Metal show and Pagan Dance Department on Saturdays.

Rene is also a band contact for the station. The duo also come up with great ideas for new shows, new features and have been instrumental in the reboot of Wyldwood Radio!


Gary is one of our promoters! You’ll see him and his wife Mary out and about at Pagan festivals and events across the UK, usually with a handful of Wyldwood Radio flyers.

Come over and say hi!


Chief Bard of Avebury, Cliff is the judge within The Wyldwood Eisteddfod, our ongoing bardic competition.

Cliff joined us in 2018 but has been a listener since the start. You may hear Cliff’s own music on Wyldwood Radio!