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Belated 2020 Roundup

I'm still reeling from the events of 2020. At least I know what it was that caused me to be so damn ill in January! It's been a weird year all round hasn't it? Politically, environmentally, emotionally, mentally and musically! The changes that the music industry has had to make have been immense, not being able to perform live must have taken its toll on bands and artists! But we bounce back don't we! Facebook Live house concerts, Live streamed gigs, musicians and bands are still finding ways to create new music, even if from a distance.

Despite what some governments are saying, that the arts are unimportant, music still continues to be one of the main ways that people are making it through, music keeps us sane, singing keeps up happy, dancing keeps us healthy. The bands and artists are heroes too!

Herne has moved on?!

I made the decision to step down from Wyldwood Radio in November, I have been running the station for nine years and I felt that I had done all I could do. My mental state due to isolation and anxiety were not conducive to me being able to perform interviews, write reviews or create shows and I felt that this was the right moment to hand over to someone with more enthusiasm than I had.

I guess I'm still sort of here right? I'm still doing the website and writing the occasional blog. But I cannot promise to be the front-man of Wyldwood anymore.

I'm also now involved in a new creative project elsewhere which takes up a lot of my time. Let's see what the future holds eh?

10 years!

Actually I'm gobsmacked, as I have said before, I never imagined that any radio station I created would last more than a couple of months, and here we are in our 10th year! I'm stunned that it has lasted this long, let's see if there will be a big 10th anniversary event :)

That's all for now!

Bright blessings,


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