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WyldMoon Interview: Laura Perry

In our third WyldMoon Interview, Herne talks with Laura Perry, author of Labyrs And Horns, Ariadne’s Thread and The Minoan Tarot among other works.

Laura discusses her books and tells us about Modern Minoan Paganism, its history and practice.

WyldMoon Interview with Laura Perry

This interview was first played on Wyldwood Radio, during Wyldwood “Almost” Live on Wednesday at 20:00.

Laura offers online courses in Modern Minoan Paganism and you can find information about this and all of Laura’s books as well as The Minoan Tarot on her website at [lauraperryauthor.com (https://lauraperryauthor.com)]

The Minoan Tarot has its own website here: minoantarot.com

You can also find Laura on Facebook at: Laura Perry on Facebook

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