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WyldMoon Review: Witchcraft into the Wilds

Cover for Witchcraft into the Wilds by Rachel Patterson

I have read many of Rachel’s previous books, and enjoyed every one of them. She has such a natural and chatty style of writing that you feel you are being invited in and discussing the subjects over a cup of tea and a slice of cake. It just flows naturally and easily, so much so that you find that in no time you’ve finished the 26 chapters and 227 pages!

As a witch myself I did know some of the information in this book already, but I still found plenty to learn from. And that’s another plus point about Rachel’s style of writing. She finds a way of informing in an informal way, so it’s still great reading, and I was thoroughly entertained.

In this book Rachel, a natural kitchen witch, takes us out of the house and into the great outdoors. Although I read this book a little while ago, I went back to it just today to read up about the uses of snow in magic as we’d had about an inch of the white stuff. That’s the joy of “Into The Wilds”, you can dive in and find information quickly and easily, and yet you can sit there and devour its pages one by one.

You don’t have to live rurally to enjoy this book, as there is a chapter for working magic within the city. She informs you of the plants and weeds you might find, and spells you might work. Along with journal prompts, which are within each chapter, I found these especially interesting and thought provoking.

Not one to shy away from the difficult subjects, there is also a chapter on curses and hexes. Not that Rachel is encouraging you to do that, but she gives sound advice and information on banishing and binding. I liked her comment “if you would not do it physically then don’t do it magically”.

Advice, spells, information, journal prompts and much Rachel humour and chattiness. I loved this book, and I would recommend it for fans of Rachel’s work or someone who had never read any of her work before. It’s bound to turn into a Moon Books classic.

Review by Annette George

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