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During May half term we took our seven-year-old son to the Brecon Beacons, and on our bucket list of activities was walking one of the waterfall trails. We chose the Elidir trail as it seemed a suitable distance to tackle with a young boy when... Read More...

Published: Jun 30, 2019 by: Jaime

Tags: Pagan, Magic, Nature,

I used to trudge a weary path to work every day. Some might say I was blessed. My workplace was at the top of the road I lived on. My commute, on foot, took roughly three and a half minutes door to door. But I felt anything but fortunate. For a... Read More...

Published: May 29, 2019 by: Jaime

Tags: Pagan, Meditation, Nature,

Now I’m not going to say that Animism is THE answer to climate change, war, poverty or our existential crisis, but I am going to say that developing an Animistic understanding of life, the world in which we live and of our relationship to it, is... Read More...

Published: Mar 28, 2019 by: Herne

Tags: Pagan, Ethics, Spirit, Animism, Pollution, Climate Change, Fossil Fuels, Plastic, Environment, Animal Rights,


The lore contained within this online version of the Wyldwood Grimoire does not represent the complete works. The study and practice of any form of Magical tradition should always be grounded in principles and ethics which ensure the protection of the practitioner.

I am not trying to recreate an ancient path as I am not a reconstructionist, rather I am attempting to make an old path relevant to the modern age whilst trying to find the cultural and historical origin of each piece of lore and each practice. I do not believe in blindly following any path without self-relfection and research. I encourage you to not accept what is written here, but to question it, weigh it up against your own experience and research and use what is appropriate to you.


I made a promise when I began writing this that I would try to find the very core of our traditions and give them relevant and historical backing. At times what you read here will reflect what you read elsewhere, at other times it may be vastly different. Sometimes what I write may not sit well with the popular version of modern Paganism, but it is written on the basis of thirty years of personal experience and deep research; it is not just drawn up in wishful thinking.

What is written here is relevant to myself, it is relevant to the Wyldwood, it may not feel relevant to you and I would never suggest that you blindly accept what I write, but I would ask that you at least hear what I have to say.

So without further ado...