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Samhain - The Celtic New Year

Alternative names: Sauin (Manx), Samhuinn (Scots)

Similar festivals Trinox Samoni (Old Gaulish, Colginy Calendar)

Translation: End of Summer, Assembly

Samhain, contrary to popular belief is not the origin of the Christian festival of Halloween. All Hallows Eve (Halloween) was not always set at 31st October. It was moved from the original 13th May to 1st November by Pope Gregory IV (827-844)1

Trinox Samoni

Samhain is believed to be cognate with the date on the Coligny Calendar named Trinox Samoni which is believed to be the Celtic new year. Although there is no definite evidence for the date of Trinox Samoni, it is believed, given the Celtic understanding and measurement of time, to have been three days at the beginning of the dark half of the year; Celtic days began at sunset. Unlike modern Samhain which happens on the cusp of a month, Trinox Samoni happened at the full moon after the beginning of the month of Samonios; the full moon being referred to as Atenoux and being the marker of the beginning of the dark half of the month.

Samhain Traditions

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