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Magic of the Wyldwood


Some sources will outline a list of essential tools including a wand, a knife, sword, staff, pentacle and robes. The list varies from tradition to tradtion, book to book and practitioner to practitioner and while these tools can certainly be helpful in focussing the mind and energy in ritual work, none of them are strictly essential.

There are however some things you absolutely must have in order to work effectively within any Magical tradition and sadly in the majority of sources these are never mentioned, let alone explained. Below, I explain the most important tools you can acquire for your Magical practice.

Critical Thinking

Why Do we need a wand, staff, robes or whatever? What is the reason these have been stated as being essential? What purpose does each item fulfil? Does it work for you?

Why Are you being asked to perform a particular practice? Does it feel right? Does it feel relevant? Does it serve to help you grow on your path?

Does the story about X Deity feel right? Should it be taken literally or metaphorically? How does it fit into your viewpoint on life, the universe, reality?

There are many aspects of the Magical, religious and spiritual paths which are sadly taken for granted, particularly in the west. This is often a result of having had nearly two-thousand years of a religious authority which teaches people to simply accept what they are told and not to question; and where the punishment for questioning this authority can be severe or even fatal. This is further enforced when the rewards for blind faith are such as a promised paradise, freedom from servitude etc.

The acceptance of blind faith has NO place in the Magical traditions and should have no place in religion or spirituality; we are here to grow in power and strength, not to become sheep. Blindly following orders has allowed some terrible things to take place in the name of religion or spirituality including convincing entire covens that initiations must include sex with a high priest or priestess; this is not an initiation, it is rape.

Critically think about every single aspect of the path ahead of you. Don't accept everything you read or are told; take each aspect away and sit with it for a while, think through it and evaluate it for its merits and flaws.

Critical thinking liberates the mind and prepares it for creating a clear intention when practicing your work.

Intention ISN'T Everything

Having a clear intention is essential, but it isn't everything. Just because you intend something, doesn't guarantee success.



Nothing comes from nothing. You cannot create something from nothing, there must always be an equal exchange. This is a truth throughout all of reality. When you are working Magically, there must still be an exchange of some kind which is equal to the needs of the ritual.

An example: If you are working a ritual to guarantee success in finding a new job, you cannot just work the ritual then sit back and expect a job to appear, you must still undertake the gruelling task of searching for and applying for jobs (Willpower) and you need to be clear about the job you are hoping to find (Intention). The time and energy put into the application process counts toward that exchange, however the more energy you add to the ritual itself then the more energy you have available to go into guaranteeing success.

How do we add energy to a ritual?

There have been many methods employed throughout the ages:

  • Circle Dance
  • Sex
  • Sacrifice

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