Wyldwood Radio

Wyldwood Radio was the home of Pagan Music from 6th October 2011 until its closure in September 2016.

From a humble beginning as a university project, it rapidly grew into an international station broadcasting Pagan music, Neofolk, Folk Rock, Folk Metal and even Pagan centred podcasts and live shows, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, worldwide to over 21,000 listeners.

For over two years the station also produced its own Pagan e-zine 'Wyldspirit'.

Throughout the years The team at Wyldwood Radio suffered financially and while a handful of listeners, bands and artists came to their aid, there simply was not enough support in the end.

We here at Wyldwood Radio have been proud to stand out from mainstream media for the last five years, introducing new listeners to new bands from all manner of countries. We have met many beautiful people among our listeners and the bands and artists that we play, and we are eternally thankful to the people who have supported us be that with donations, status sharing on social media or just kind words.

If for any reason you wish to contact the team about Wyldwood Radio, you can do so via the contact form on Wyldwood.org

Whatever your future holds, stay Wyld.

Bright Blessings,

The Wyldwood Radio Crew