Welcome to the Wyldwood!

You have stumbled on this quiet grove in a turbulent place. Though the Wyldwood is an awesome place of mighty trees, secluded groves, secret paths and hidden treasures, it is still Wyld. Bears stalk the forest floor, wolves hunt out the weak in order to make the population strong. The vines and brambles grow quickly covering familiar paths cutting the skin when mistakes are made and holding fast those who seek to harm the denizens of this magical place.

This is the realm of Living Druidry.

What is Wyldwood?

Wyldwood is first and foremost a collection and celebration of traditional lore, customs and practices which herald from pre-Christian roots.

Although Wyldwood is based in Druidry, it is not limited to Druidry and although our focus is on British customs and folklore, we will never exclude other cultures.  This is in part because British pre-Christian customs have been, for the most part, lost to time and oppression, yet mostly because no culture should be celebrated as better than any other.

We feel that it is important to the human spirit to have a sense of belonging, and pride in our ancestry, but never to the exclusion of others.

What is Living Druidry?

In essence, Living Druidry is full participation in a wholistic Druid path. One that includes an ethical, conscious lifestyle, healthy attitudes toward religion and spirituality and the abandonment of personal desires so that one can promote and maintain a balance between the sacred world of nature and the profane world of humankind.

Within The Wyldwood we try to live Druidry as completely as we can. Of course this does not mean that we cease to be “normal people”, quite the opposite in fact! living in balance with nature helps to live more confidently, more fully and with more adventure. The understanding that we are one with the divine and all of nature allows one to communicate more deeply and to appreciate every moment as a sacred experience.

Living Druidry is consciously living Druidic values in our everyday lives. It is also the act of further deepening our understanding of these values and the practices that go with them through study of the cultural influence of Druidry. It is also living as ethically and naturally as is possible in the 9 to 5 world of Western civilisation, but never letting the modern lifestyle become an excuse to not practice Druidry.

Articles on this website seek to explore, explain and open for discussion the path of Druidry so that this lifestyle may become more complete.

Wyldwood Radio

Wyldwood is the home of the Pagan radio station Wyldwood Radio. Our station has been streaming Pagan music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide since October 6th 2011 and has reached 21,000 listeners worldwide.

Our playlists and shows feature a variety of music from Pagan bands and artists from around the world and from a variety of genres. Though mainly based in Folk and Neo-folk, we have shows featuring some of the best Pagan rock, Metal and electronic dance music. We also have live shows and a show dedicated to the fast growing genre of Witch Pop.

We hope you’ll join us and tune in at: https://wyldwoodradio.co.uk

Interviews, Reviews, Articles

Here on the Wyldwood website we aim to bring you exciting content every month. With reviews of books, albums, divination sets, courses and events alongside interviews with bands featured on Wyldwood Radio, Pagan public figures and creative artists.

We will also be beginning a range of interesting articles on Pagan lifestyle from the perspective of “Living Druidry” (which will be explained in an article of its own), alongside practical exercises, hints and tips that can be incorporated into your own practice.

We aim to inspire both the newcomer and those experienced in their paths with new… or very old… ideas, customs, lore and wisdom.

We hope you enjoy what you see here on Wyldwood and what you hear on Wyldwood Radio!

Bright blessings,

Team Wyldwood

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