WyldMoon Interview: Laura Perry

In our third WyldMoon Interview, Herne talks with Laura Perry, author of Labyrs And Horns, Ariadne's Thread and The Minoan Tarot among other works.

Earth my Body – A Pagan Responsibility to the Natural World

We can as a community begin to heal the world for tomorrow...

Magical Seeds: Acorns, Sycamore, Conkers, Chestnuts, Hazel Nuts & Rosehips

The offspring of plants and trees and each one has the potential for new beginnings…
If you are out and about and you find seeds on the ground do collect one or two but leave some for Mother Nature to do her thing.  However, if there are plenty then they can be really useful in spell work.

Band of the Week: Daemonia Nymphe

Dark, seductive, exotic and ancient, the music produced by London based duo Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou is sure to speak to an ancient and wyld part of your soul

WyldMoon Interview: Lucya Starza

In the second of our WyldMoon Interviews Herne chats with Pagan Author Lucya Starza about her books on candle Magic and poppets. Join us as we discover the magic of poppets, dolls, cats and even divination by chocolate!

WyldMoon Interview: Kenn Day

This is our interview with Shamanic author Kenn Day. Kenn is the author of Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip and Post Tribal Shamanism: A New Look at the Old Ways.

A Focus on Deity: Antlered One

The horned or antlered deity is perhaps the most beloved and iconic within modern Paganism, and the various forms of this ancient deity, which extend back far beyond the rising of agriculture or the taming of the horse, remain a constant inspiration.

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Welcome to the The Wyldwood!

You have stumbled on this quiet grove in a turbulent place. Though the Wyldwood is an awesome place of mighty trees, secluded groves, secret paths and hidden treasures, it is still Wyld. Bears stalk the forest floor, wolves hunt out the weak in order to make the population strong. The vines and brambles grow quickly covering familiar paths cutting the skin when mistakes are made and holding fast those who seek to harm the denizens of this magical place.

This is the realm of the ancient ways.

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