An Authentic British Spiritual Path

What does it mean to attempt walking an ancient path within modern British culture?

Book Review: Cave and Cosmos by Michael Harner

Cave and Cosmos – Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality is the perfect sequel to the late Michael Harner’s legendary work The Way of the Shaman which led many western people on a search for a more authentic spiritual path back in 1980 and now invites us to step into the world of the sacred and experience it first-hand rather than relying on dusty old manuscripts...

WyldMoon Interview: Brendan Howlin

In this WyldMoon Interview, Herne speaks with Druid author Brendan Howlin about his books on Urban Druidry, his work at the University of Surrey and as the Science Correspondent for Touchstone (an OBOD publication).

Better Playlists & Track Voting & Requests, Oh My!

Over the last month, despite the loss of the US for our stream, we have been moving Wyldwood Radio onto a software. Everescast is a great piece of radio automation software which allows all of our team members to be able to get hands on with the stream. As a result we have already expanded our playlists to include even more Pagan bands and artists, new playlists are in development and we have two exciting new features!

WyldMoon Review: Aspecting the Goddess

Aspecting the Goddess is equal parts (at times heart-wrenching) memoir, Goddess-centred workbook, and mythology.

Magical Leaves by Rachel Patterson

If a leaf is big enough it can be used to write wishes and petitions on that can be sent away on the winds, buried in the earth, dropped into running water or burnt in the fire.

Earth my Body – A Pagan Responsibility to the Natural World

We can as a community begin to heal the world for tomorrow...

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Welcome to the The Wyldwood!

We aim to honour the ways of our ancestors as respectfully as possible. There has been a “Shamanic” tradition in the British isles and the ancient British animistic view is still alive, even though altered by the influences of hostile attitudes and time.

We are aiming to rekindle the flame of the indigenous British spiritual tradition, without misappropriating other cultures. It’s hard work, there’s a long way to go and what we build will in all likeliness be very different from what has been lost.

However the British tradition is not the only sacred tradition on earth and we celebrate the beauty in all indigenous cultures, we are, after all, the great tribe of humankind.