WyldMoon Review: Kitchen Witchcraft – Spells and Charms

As with all Rachel’s books, this was a great, chatty, friendly read, with plenty of her easy humour and sensible advice. The incantations are easy to find...

Bringing Forgotten Deities Back to Life

When I write an article on an ancient British deity it is always done with great difficulty. I want to give you an insight into the process I go through when writing about ancient British deities.

Why Animism is Important Today

Now I’m not going to say that Animism is THE answer to climate change, war, poverty or our existential crisis, but I am going to say that developing an Animistic understanding of life, the world in which we live and of our relationship to it, is a huge step toward a solution to these problems.

An Authentic British Spiritual Path

What does it mean to attempt walking an ancient path within modern British culture?

WyldMoon Interview: Brendan Howlin

In this WyldMoon Interview, Herne speaks with Druid author Brendan Howlin about his books on Urban Druidry, his work at the University of Surrey and as the Science Correspondent for Touchstone (an OBOD publication).

Earth my Body – A Pagan Responsibility to the Natural World

We can as a community begin to heal the world for tomorrow...

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Welcome to the The Wyldwood!

We aim to honour the ways of our ancestors as respectfully as possible. The ancient British animistic view is still alive, even though altered by the influences of hostile attitudes and time. It is reflected in our language and our attitudes toward nature despite the negative attitudes of our “leaders”.

A distinction: This site speaks about British Animism, not English Paganism. Despite having occupied the same land for around 1600 years, British and English are two distinct cultures; English having been forcibly introduced in the 400s by invading Saxons, Angles, Jutes and Frisians. British is a word used to describe a multitude of indigenous tribal people in the British Isles and Brittany (France) who are otherwise called “Celts”. So if you are looking for Anglo-Saxon Paganism, Scandinavian Paganism, Asatru, English Witchcraft or Wicca you will only find passing references here.

We are aiming to rekindle the flame of the indigenous British spiritual tradition, without misappropriating other cultures. It’s hard work, there’s a long way to go and what we build will in all likeliness be very different from what has been lost.

However the British tradition is not the only sacred tradition on earth and we celebrate the beauty in all indigenous cultures, we are, after all, the great tribe of humankind.