Monthly archives: December, 2012

Interview with: Fay Brotherhood and Lee Burns of Cernewoda

Herne: You’ve released four albums and two sin­gles, what was the inspi­ra­tion behind them?

Fay: We have just released an EP, Mother Moon under our brand new dis­tri­b­u­tion deal which is our first release as a duo and can be found on Amazon/​iTunes etc. The inspi­ra­tion behind them all has been var­ied. Whis­pers in the Boughs……

Interview with Anwen from Brocc

Herne — We were absolutely delighted when we received an email from Brocc ask­ing to be played on Wyld­wood Radio, and when the album arrived, we were instantly in love with it. What brought the band together in the begin­ning?

Anwen — Orig­i­nally, Clar and Hallr wrote and recorded ‘Call of the Wild Wood’ and ‘Lyonesse’,……