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Interview with Annicke and Thomas of Shireen

Live at magic Fair 2013, picture by

Herne and Nemetona spoke with Annicke and Thomas of Shireen about the band’s origins, Annicke’s clothing label ‘Folk Tailor’ and even hair products! This interview first appeared in Wyldspirit Issue 3 (September 2014 edition of the Wyldwood Radio e-zine).

Nemetona: So we’re here today with Thomas and Annicke of Shireen. Hello guys!


Book Review: A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Plants and Herbs by Rachel Patterson

Cover of A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Plants and Herbs by Rachel Patterson

Nemetona wrote a review of A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Plants and Herbs by Rachel Patterson for Issue 3 of Wyldspirit (The Wyldwood Radio e-zine in September 2014)

The spirit of plants and herbs can be a very magical thing to work with, and if you’re looking for a place to get started,……

Interview with Lunadea

Herne and Nemetona spoke with Lunadea; a high priestess based in the Netherlands. She is involved in the local community of witches, as well as helping otherwise solitary witches come together for festivals and events within the modern Pagan calendar. This interview was first published in Wyldspirit Issue 3 (The Wyldwood Radio Newsletter in……

Interview with Rastaban

Rastaban Promotional Shoot. © Rastaban 2013

In August 2014 Herne and Nemetona caught up with legendary Belgian Pagan folk band Rastaban for an interview backstage at Castlefest’s 10th anniversary!

Herne: So we’re sat here with Rastaban

Rastaban: Hello!

Nemetona: How are you doing?

Dominic: Oh, not bad.

Mich: Sweaty!


Herne: You’ve just done a performance on the main stage atCastlefest; fantastic performance, absolutely brilliant!

Nemetona: It was……

Tlingit Shamanic Drumming and Drum Construction

This article was written by Dr. Will Connor for Wyldspirit issue 3 (the September 2014 edition of the Wyldwood Radio e-zine)

Whilst researching instrument construction as part of my post-bac degree in Ethnomusicology from North Carolina State University, I had the great pleasure and honour of studying music with Elders of the Tlingit……

Poem: I Am Fading

I am fading by Hennie van Geel 2014

I am fading

the Autumn brings me home

turning inwards

to the dreams of yesteryear

when every morning

was a miracle

every evening

was an adventure

and every dream

was a gods-given message


I am fading

the earthy smell of dew

just before the first-Sun


Poem: My Owl Friends

My Owl Friends by Kristof Deneghal-Wybouw

Here I come on silent wings

nature wonders what this brings

From the moon in darkened night

I bring you change

I bring insight

I bring you death

I am silent, I am swift

I can see with feathered eyes

I call out to the other guys


Artist Feature: Esther Remmington

Esther in one of her masks © Esther Remmington

This artist feature first appeared in Wyldspirit issue 3 (Wyldwood Radio e-zine September 2014)

Esther Remmington: Artwork and a Love of Fairy Tales, Myth and Magic

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love of fairytales, myth and magic, along with a passion for art and crafts. These are the things that……

Samhuinn: A Reflection by Kristof Denaghel-Wybouw

Image © Cielo de la Paz

This article by Mead entrepreneur Kristof “Taranartos” Denaghel-Wybouw was written for issue 3 of Wyldspirit (The September 2014 edition of the Wyldwood Radio e-zine)

This article is written from my personal point of view, outlined as a druid and a pagan.

Samhuinn, is also known as All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowe’en and Samhain.

We consider this celebration as……