Monthly archives: December, 2014

Interview with Elvya Dulcimer

Part of the cover art for Elvya’s single, Ann’Vatu © Elvya

In December 2014 Nemetona spoke with Elvya about her music and inspiration. This interview first appeared in Wyldspirit Issue 4 (December edition of the Wyldwood Radio e-zine).

Nemetona: You recently released your first single, Ann’Vatu. How has the reception been from that?

Elvya: We recorded the single mainly to let the public get in……

Artist Feature: ISON – music inspired by magic

This feature on Italian Pagan band ISON appeared in Wyldspirit Issue 4 (Wyldwood Radio’s e-zine in December 2014) and was written by Nemetona.

“If everything is already here I’m going to be an

alchemist. Between rationality and emotion there’s

no difference anymore. Nature leads me there.

Passion leads me there. Between mind and heart