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Published by Herne on January 7, 2022

Over the last two months I have been as subtle as I can when asking for support for Wyldwood Radio however the fact is that I am no longer in a position to cover the costs required to keep the station running. The situation we are in means that there needs to be a big change in order to keep operating.

As I said recently we need over £100 every month to cover the monthly fees for all the software and services that we need in order to maintain the stream, the site and so on.

The generosity of a handful of our listeners now means we currently receive a little over 30% of that and we are very grateful for this. However, the costs are too much for me to cover and on 15th January the stream will end as I cannot meet the fee.

Our Options

I feel that there exist only three options for Wyldwood

  • Close the station down on 15th January and keep this site as a blog
  • Convert the station into a paid-for Podcast – This will need a fundraiser to set up and it will likely not happen until late 2022 / early 2023
  • Sell the station to a person or organisation who will treat the station with as much love as I have over the last ten years.

Why we are where we are

The Hardware

I have been running the station and all the content creation from a now, rather old laptop which has come as far as it can. The laptop (Named Christopher after Alan Turing’s own creation) has been with us for a few years but is now at the point where it cannot handle video or audio editing without crashing (sometimes this means the dreaded BSOD (Blue screen of death)). This is the main reason that there have been no live shows for some time.

I cannot afford to replace the machine and previous fundraising drives have brought in too little to be able to upgrade it. Without this essential machine, there would be no Wyldwood. The cost of a new machine would be over £1000.

The virus

We are all feeling the sting of Coronavirus, It has had a negative effect on our finances, our emotional, mental and physical health and for many of us, our careers have had to adapt or close. These are hard times with seemingly no end in sight.

The pandemic has of course had an enormous effect on the music and entertainment industries with bands unable to meet and rehearse, venues unable to hold events and so on, and so forth. Everybody is losing out because not enough was done at the beginning to safeguard us from this horror.

Sadly the extends into our own lives here at Wyldwood and that is why we need your help to cover these fees.

Changes in how people listen to music

We are also faced with having to compete with the streaming giants such as Spotify and Youtube premium. It makes perfect sense that people would prefer these services where they can stream the exact songs they want, on-demand, even I do this more often than not.

Whatever happens now will be a big change for Wyldwood, but change is evolution, it is essential for the growth and success of things.

How you can help

Continued Support

We have until 15th January to gather the funds needed. If you feel that Wyldwood is worth preserving, you can support us via our Ko-fi account here: https://ko-fi.com/post/Why-We-Need-Your-Support-X8X17QLI8We sincerely hope you can help and we sincerely appreciate any help you can give.

Taking over Wyldwood

If you feel that you would like to take over Wyldwood, please use the contact form to get in touch and let’s discuss it.

Bright blessings,


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  1. DMITRIY says:

    people who loves pagan music need to action for save this site right now!

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