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A long overdue (but brief) update

I have never been very good at keeping up regular journals, diaries or blogs so perhaps I’m not the best person to be left in charge or regular updates 😉

2020 was a rollercoaster, 2021 even more so I feel. In our personal lives we have experienced unprecedented changes including the experience of being furloughed, the isolation from curfews and lockdowns, the paranoia of catching Coronavirus and the frustration with people refusing to wear a mask or get a vaccination. We have seen positive changes in the environment and then witnessed some new it all being undone as the masses escape on an exodus to the beach whenever the sun comes out. Some of us have lost friends and family to the virus and at least two members of Team Wyldwood have had the virus themselves. To say the least, it has been interesting and challenging.

Nevertheless Wyldwood Radio has perhaps grown stronger because of the events. Team Wyldwood has been joined by two new members, Yasemin (Lazarus) and Krista and while visitors to our Facebook page may have seen these announcements, they haven’t made it to our website until now.

As a team we are now able to work more closely than ever before and this has been made possible by Yasemin’s efforts as our Project Manager. Yasemin joined us early on this year, bringing with her over a decade experience with project management including with some of Turkey’s finest art galleries.

Krista has already produced two stunning interviews and there are more on the way, Krista is also very active on our Instagram and Facebook pages so keep an eye out for her posts.

Rene and Antoinette have been working hard as always to contact new bands and bring new music to the station and are still producing their shows on the Wyldwood Radio stream.

I have been tweaking the website and trying to streamline the experience for visitors but I am also working behind the scenes on new designs for Wyldwood Radio merchandise.

Other than that, there’s not much to report here at Wyldwood Radio, but there will be, very soon.