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About Wyldwood Radio

Wyldwood Radio has been streaming Occult and Pagan music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide.

We are fans of the Pagan music scene, we wanted to create a space where we could share the music we love with other Pagan music lovers, where we could help set the scene for your ceremonies and meditations, create a backdrop for your arts and bring some inspiration into your life. And for those new to the scene we hope to introduce you to some awesome new bands as well as some long time favourites!

Our playlists and shows feature a variety of music from Pagan bands and artists from around the world and from a variety of genres. Though mainly based in Folk and Neo-folk, we have shows featuring some of the best Pagan rock, Metal, EDM, Occult Gothic, Witchpop and more.

We hope you enjoy Wyldwood Radio!

Bright blessings,

Herne, Jo, Rene & Antoinette a.k.a Team Wyldwood

What will I Find on the Wyldwood Radio Website?

A Brief History of Wyldwood Radio

From a humble beginning as a wyld idea in October 2011, Wyldwood Radio rapidly grew into an international station broadcasting Pagan music & Neofolk to over 21,000 listeners worlwide.

After taking some time away from broadcasting while we figured out how to handle the GDPR, we proudly returned to the airwaves on 1st July 2018!

We here at Wyldwood Radio have been proud to stand out from mainstream media since we began, introducing new listeners to new bands from all manner of countries. We have met many beautiful people among our listeners and the bands and artists that we play, and we are eternally thankful to the people who have supported us either with donations, social media sharing or kind words.

This station is not a one man project, not even a small team of volunteers, its growth and its future is shaped by the whole community of listeners, bands and artists, friends and the wide Pagan community.

We are Wyldwood Radio!