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What is Wyldwood?

Wyldwood is the website of… well, me; Herne. I am a ‘Pagan’, founder of Wyldwood Radio, poet, artist, tattoo artist, activist, neuro-divergent (Asperger Syndrome) and apparently a blogger too.

This is my space on the internet for me to share my ideas, thoughts and experiences and perhaps in doing so, keep you entertained or even inspired.

What will I Find on the Wyldwood Radio Website?

Here you’ll find two things, the first is a collection of interviews and reviews, both from the Wyldwood Radio era and afterwards. The second thing is a collection of articles (or mad ramblings) by myself or occasionally by guest authors. These articles are usually about different aspects of Paganism, Animism, Witchcraft or Environmental themes.

About Wyldwood Radio

Between October 2011 and January 2022, Wyldwood Radio was an online radio, streaming Occult and Pagan music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide.

From a humble beginning as a wyld idea in October 2011, Wyldwood Radio rapidly grew into an international station broadcasting Pagan music & Neofolk to over 21,000 listeners worlwide.

Wyldwood Radio have been proud to have stood out from mainstream media since we began, introducing new listeners to new bands from countries around the world. We have met many beautiful people among our listeners and the bands and artists that we played, and we are eternally thankful to the people who supported the station either with donations, social media sharing or kind words.

This station was not a one man project, not even a small team of volunteers, its was shaped by the whole community of listeners, bands and artists, friends and the wide Pagan community.

Unfortnately in January of 2022 due to various reasons Wyldwood Radio closed for the last time. Althought I have been asked to restart it several times since then; and there is not a single fibre of my being that wouldn’t enjoy it thouroughly; Wyldwood Radio is too big a project to run on my own. As I work full-time, I don’t have the time required to keep up with running it. Wyldwood Radio was also far more expensive to run than I can afford to keep up.

Wyldwood Radio was a labour of love, an immense pleasure and a sad loss. It has however spawned various spin-off projects from former team members and so, Wyldwood Radio has , like an old tree fallen so that more light could reach the forest floor and allow other, younger trees to flourish.

Wyldwood Radio was only one part of Wyldwood however, and the other work continues.

Bright Blessings,