About The Wyldwood?

We aim to honour the ways of our ancestors as respectfully as possible. The ancient British animistic view is still alive, even though altered by the influences of hostile attitudes and time. It is reflected in our language and our attitudes toward nature despite the negative attitudes of our “leaders”.

A distinction: This site speaks about British Animism, not English Paganism. Despite having occupied the same land for around 1600 years, British and English are two distinct cultures; English having been forcibly introduced in the 400s by invading Saxons, Angles, Jutes and Frisians. British is a word used to describe a multitude of indigenous tribal people in the British Isles and Brittany (France) who are otherwise called “Celts”. So if you are looking for Anglo-Saxon Paganism, Scandinavian Paganism, Asatru, English Witchcraft or Wicca you will only find passing references here.

We are aiming to rekindle the flame of the indigenous British spiritual tradition, without misappropriating other cultures. It’s hard work, there’s a long way to go and what we build will in all likeliness be very different from what has been lost.

However the British tradition is not the only sacred tradition on earth and we celebrate the beauty in all indigenous cultures, we are, after all, the great tribe of humankind.

Who’s Who?

A Photograph of Herne Wyldwood resting in a tree.


Herne is the founder of The Wyldwood and Wyldwood Radio.

He is an author, artist, activist, web designer and public speaker. His approach to spirituality is from a Shamanic perspective and he is a Shamanic practitioner.

You might see Herne out and about at various Pagan events, festivals and gigs, come and say hi!


Joanne is the owner of Wyldwood, a Witch and lover of the old ways. You might see her out and about at various Pagan events, festivals and gigs, come and say hi!



My name is Rene and together with my lovely wife Antoinette we are running several shows here in Wyldwood Radio and help contacting bands for the station.

I am living living in The Netherlands,  and to pay for my hobby’s I am a full time Sysadmin. We have no children, but we do have a cat and lots of bats!

I ran into the pagan scene some years ago. When visiting the Pagan music festival Castlefest, and (we) felt surprisingly fast at home and fitted right in. I always knew i was somewhat different than the “normal” people around me. But never gave it any thought. The other “pagans” around me really opened my eyes. Being Pagan minded really helps me to see things in perspective. Being a Pagan for me is  collecting ideas and practises i see around me. And the ones i like i will add to my own little world. 😉  But always with nature in mind.

Other interests are Gaming, Watching movies, listening to music and going to concerts and (pagan) festivals as often as my wallet allows.

For the future, i am a person that does not likes to plan ahead. I live now and what the future brings i will deal with it when it arrives 😉


I am Antoinette and live in the Netherlands with my husband Rene.

My regular job is working at a secondary school for biology. There I prepare the experiments from the beginning to the end.

In my spare time I give gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics. Just a few hours a week. Another hobby is bats. From searching for bats for organisations as help them. If they are wounded or too young to live on their own. In the end I want to see as much as possible flying again in the wild. The batcare is a small but official organisation. With volunteers we manage to rescue as much as possible animals.

And if there is time left, I like to draw. Trying out new things and of course keep practising the old technics.

Wyldwood is at this moment so new for me, that I don’t know what I can do and what I will do for it. Time will see. At least I can enjoy the music.


Moon Books

Moon Books LogoTo bring you the best in contemporary popular and academic Pagan writing Wyldwood has partnered with Moon Books. Check our website regularly for new articles, reviews and for the latest additions to our WyldMoon Interviews.

In the Who’s Who section I thought perhaps our logo instead of a picture (attached) and our ‘mission statement text’

What is Paganism? A religion, a spirituality, an alternative belief system, nature worship? You can find support for all these definitions (and many more) in dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and text books of religion, but subscribe to any one and the truth will evade you. Above all Paganism is a creative pursuit, an encounter with reality, an exploration of meaning and an expression of the soul. Druids, Heathens, Wiccans and others, all contribute their insights and literary riches to the Pagan tradition. Moon Books invites you to begin or to deepen your own encounter, right here, right now. www.moon-books.net

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