Cover of the album Mercy Me by Elspeth Anne
Cover of the album Mercy Me by Elspeth Anne

I’m the first to admit, I’m not the greatest person to review albums with as much depth as this beautiful album so this will likely be a short review; this is however, not a reflection on the album, which is absolutely captivating. 

I only discovered Elspeth Anne this year however, I really wish I had known about their music before!

Lyrically this is an honest, brave and delicate journey through some difficult emotional subjects, the feeling of which is supported by the music and by using only a few instruments, giving the impression of a kind of loneliness and being laid bare.

The overall feel of this alternative folk album is evocative of 60s and 70s psychedelic folk and hazy days in the British countryside, folk horror and Morris dancing. This sets a backdrop of nostalgia which adds to the sensation of looking backwards on Elspeth’s experiences and memories.

You will be able to hear Elspeth’s music, including tracks from Mercy Me on Wyldwood Radio, and I would like to encourage you to support Elspeth by buying their album on Bandcamp and going to see them perform!

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