I am still buzzing after seeing Faun play live in London as part of their Pagan Tour; the band is as powerful live now as they ever were and have such a presence that it drives energy into the audience. The album “Pagan” is no different.

Faun albums have featured guests before, such as Santiano and Subway to Sally who appeared on the 2013 album “Von den Elben”, however the guests on Pagan include Lindy Fay Hella and the Swiss Folk-Metal phenomenon, Eluveitie, both of whom bring a new dimension to the sound of Faun, making this an album full of surprises.

The album features a German translation of the English folk tune Tam Lin which captures the essence of the story in a beautiful way. There is also a track dedicated to the Welsh god of trickery and magic, Gwydion, featuring Eluveitie, which almost feels like a call to the ancient ways, not yet lost, but almost forgotten; while Galdra, featuring Lindy Fay Hella, recounts the tale of Odin’s self-sacrifice in the arms of Yggdrasil.

No matter which track you listen to on Pagan, you’re in for a treat. The band create an atmosphere of magic and beauty and create an atmosphere of defiance toward any attempt to snuff out the natural world and our connection to it.

Here is the official video for Gwydion:

You can buy the album here: shop.faun-music.com/

You can find out more about Faun at: faune.de

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