The cover for the EP from Voluspá

This review was written by Nemetona for Wyldlings Issue 6 (The January 2014 and final edition off the Wyldwood Radio Newsletter before it was replaced with Wyldspirit)

The cover for the EP from Voluspá

The cover for the EP from Voluspá © Voluspá

Hailing from Norway, Voluspá are a wonderful combination of musicians. With the beautiful vocals of Sól and the accompaniment of different musical styles and backing vocals, this EP is a very exciting piece of work.

It shows a great variety of music talent on this four track EP. The opening song shows their Viking and folk metal influences wonderfully.

Strid, the first song on the EP is a mix of heavy guitars, drums, flute and also melodic vocals. It is a very good opening song, as it shows a very diverse range of creative musical skills through the use of voice and instruments to create an atmosphere. A brilliant song; my personal favourite from the EP.

Heksehammeren, the third song, is also very Viking and folk inspired, with the name meaning something along the lines of ‘the Witches Hammer’ in English. A slower song than the first, yet it still captures yet another side to the talented Voluspá.

The softer songs also show another side to the band. The effect of just piano and voice is wonderful. Listening to the softer songs, Han Ole, track one and Voluspá, track four on headphones, it truly does feel like you are sat watching the mist rolling in over the mountains in the distance.

Voluspá is a beautiful song, with the use of violin and piano really setting the atmosphere beautifully.

Sól’s haunting vocals really bring together all the elements of the band in a very beautiful way. As this is just the EP, I will be very excited to hear the full length album when it is released.

Overall, the EP is a wonderful mix of different musical styles which work so very well together.

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