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Published by Krista Gale on April 24, 2021

This month Krista interviewed Osi and The Jupiter.  Straight out of Ohio, Sean Deth brings us a unique refreshing Pagan Folk sound with organic melodies which really give us a sense of being out there in the woodland.  We speak to Sean about his influences and how the music was used for the History Channel’s Vikings series.

Welcome to Wyldwood Radio and thank you for your time.

Wyldwood: You use really lovely and interesting photography for your album covers and on your social media pages.  Did you take these photos yourself?  If so, is photography a passion of yours?

Sean: The album covers were done by different photographers.  Appalachia EP was done by a friend of mine.  I do like photography a lot but I wouldn’t call it a passion of mine.  Pictures can capture a moment suspended in time and ones personal taste in beauty.  Music is my passion.

Wyldwood: What music can we find in your personal collection and what music do you play to unwind and relax?

Sean: I have music from old Country to Black Metal in my collection.  For extreme Metal I really dig the Blackened Thrash (Black n Roll) type the most, but I’m a sucker for most 80’s music and old Country. Type O Negative and Danzig have been two of my favorite bands since I was very young.  For songwriting Townes Van Zandt and Lindsey Buckingham music has always been an inspiration.  Dead Can Dance’s music has always helped me relax at times.

Wyldwood: I have been listening to your album Nordlige Rúnaskog.  It really does take you on a spiritual journey. It’s breath takingly composed and instrumentally beautiful. What instruments do you play?  Do you have a preference, if so, why?  How old was you when you started to learn it?  Where did you learn?

Sean: I play guitar (acoustic and electric) synth, percussion and do vocals for this project.  I’ve always messed around on my Dad’s guitars growing up, he’s probably the biggest inspiration for me musically.

Wyldwood: It’s obvious that nature inspires your music, do you sit out in nature for inspiration when you write?  If so, where is your favourite place to go?

Sean: Sometimes I do write out in nature. My favorite place to go around my area is probably Cuyahoga Valley.  I love Hocking Hills area as well. If I were to relocate in Ohio it would be in the hill of Portsmouth, I absolutely love that area.

Wyldwood: There is a Nordic influence in your music, when and how did you start connecting to the Norse Gods?

Sean: My grandfather read some of the stories to me as a child, but I really dug into it mostly around 2007 through a friend.  I’m interested in many cultures and deities.  I read about them and some things inspire me a lot some don’t.

Wyldwood: A big congratulations for having your music played on the Viking series.  How did that happen?

Sean: We were shopping out to get my music into some production television and movies, they were interested in two of my songs.

Wyldwood: Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

Sean: My Dad for growing up around him playing music, Townes because his playing and lyrics hit really close to the soul and Lindsey Buckingham because his song structure and writing style is mythical sounding to me, very breathtaking.

Wyldwood: What books would you recommend to someone wanting to learn about the Norse ways that you feel have helped you on your journey?

Sean: Some to mention are of course the Eddas by Snorri Sturluson especially for those just getting into the mythos.  The One eyed God by Kris Kershaw is a very informative book but very dense.  The Nine Doors of Midgard by Edred Thorsson is a very interesting book as well as The Hanged God by Shani Oates.  Recently I’ve been digging more into Shamanism from Neolithic to Native American.  All the books I’ve read over the years have helped shape this spiritual journey even if I didn’t necessarily agree with something sometimes it would make me question certain things, and the things that did inspire me also left me to question and build upon my conscience.

Wyldwood: What is the Pagan scene like where you live?

Sean: Here and there I meet good people and some I don’t care for. I’m on my own spiritual journey.

Wyldwood: Where would be your ultimate place to perform and why?

Sean: For me I would like to play more outdoor festivals all over the world so it would be hard to pick a certain place but a show out in the mountains.

Wyldwood:  With the surge of interest in shows like The Vikings and The Last Kingdom, do you think that the Pagan music scene is getting stronger and branching out to new audiences because of them?  It would be interesting to see how many people are now researching the old Gods and feeling their connection because of these shows.

Sean: It is definitely helping people find out and dig deeper into the music side of things as well as some literature.

Wyldwood: Can you tell us about any events you are playing at (Corona Virus permitting) and any projects that you have coming up.

Sean: I am currently planning a few dates here and there over this summer and fall.  Mostly East Coast, possibly West Coast next year and Europe soon after.

Check out Osi and the Jupiters Social Media for further details and future projects:

Bandcamp – http://www.osifolk.bandcamp.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/osifolk

Instagram is @osiandthejupiter

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