This feature on Italian Pagan band ISON appeared in Wyldspirit Issue 4 (Wyldwood Radio’s e-zine in December 2014) and was written by Nemetona.

“If everything is already here I’m going to be an

alchemist. Between rationality and emotion there’s

no difference anymore. Nature leads me there.

Passion leads me there. Between mind and heart

there’s no difference anymore. I’ll wait. Between

body and spirit there’s no difference anymore. The

Sacred is my experience.”

Cover of Venison Alpha by ISON

Cover of Venison Alpha by ISON

If anything manages to capture the feeling of ISON’s music, it’s their video for Misutopia. Formed in Autumn 2012 after a trip to England, Alec and Daniele have created an incredible experience by mixing trip hop, ethereal, ambient, dark wave and dream pop in a mystic and dreamy atmosphere.

Originating from Italy, they merge all of these genres into a perfect package called ISON; named after the comet with the same name was discovered. Their five songs from their debut EP mark the path of a spiritual awakening, creating a metaspace where the passion for magical atmospheres would meld with the respective musical tastes in order to start telling their stories of spiritual awakening through the medium of music.

Their music doesn’t quite fit into a specific genre; more it is a blending of many different spiritual experiences. Their music certainly shares their personal feelings and also their spiritual practices and beliefs. When you hear ISON’s music, you don’t just listen to their songs; you truly feel their message and their emotions played out through every chord, every lyric, every single part that makes up their music.

Their first album is yet to be released, though Venison alpha, their EP, is out now. Venison, their album, will take you through many steps and experiences related to spirituality and emotions.

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