Published by Herne on July 30, 2018

A Photograph of Olga Demidova. Photo © Olga Demidova

Recently Herne spoke with Russian artist and photographer about her art, her inspiration and her views on spirituality. In this interview Olga tells us about her journey in art and gives some advice for people interested in taking up an artistic or creative lifestyle!  Read on to find out more about this wonderful artist!

Herne – How did your journey with art begin?

Olga – My art journey began more prosaically than I would want it to be. I wanted to become an archeologist or geologist in childhood, to deal with history and nature. But, perhaps I realised that this is not enough for my creative soul. My older brother studied at an art university and I often helped to carry out assignments on “art history”, I drew weapons, household items and stuff, and realised that I wanted to try to develop it. So I found a way of interaction between history, nature and art, what I’ve always been looking for.

Herne – We’ve seen your beautiful totem paintings recently, the Owl and Wolf ones were how we found out about your art. Are you planning a whole series of totem paintings?

Olga – There was Fox too. Yes, I plan to make a series of totem animals in oil. There will be a bear, a deer, a hare, a raven, an eagle, and maybe someone else. I’m working on several series at the moment

Herne – I must look out for the fox! We can’t wait to see the rest! What other series are you working on?

An image of the painting "Leshy" by Olga Demidova. Art © Olga Demidova

Olga – The continuation of my series of works on the Slavic gods which I have begun to do in a digital version. also I am collecting information to begin work on a series with the Celtic and Scandinavian gods. I would like to drop a little more into this with my works.

Herne – That’s fantastic! We’d love to see all of these! So where do you feel your main inspiration comes from?

Olga – I see inspiration in everything that is in nature: In winding branches; in the drawings of the oak bark; in fluffy moss; in translucent sunlight through foliage; in frosty patterns on frozen glass. In the forest I feel much more comfortable than in human society. I’m also inspired by history, mythology and fantasy books.

An image of the painting "Cromm" by Olga Demidova. Art © Olga Demidova

Herne – A broad range to draw from. Nature certainly provides for the creative soul! Would you describe yourself as Pagan?

Olga – I am not sure if I would. Things I believe in are much older than any religion. They appeared before people start to call them “gods”, “spirits” or anything else. So it’s hard for me to call myself Pagan somehow.

Herne – So you draw from a very ancient stream! Of course The Wyldwood is based in Druidry and part of the Druid tradition is the Bardic path; the path of the arts. Do you have any advice for an aspiring new artist or other creative person who may be unsure of where to begin?

Olga – I think the main thing is just start. On the way there will be many obstacles and difficulties. Not everyone will support along the way, it’s important to be ready for this.

Listen to yourself and do not be afraid to take risks, it’s worth it. Also, no matter what kind of art you choose, get acquainted with what was open before, with the techniques people used for centuries, but try to find your own application for this in your work. Never listen to the opinion of the crowd, it is better to listen to your own inner voice. And never give up! Perhaps this is the most important advice.

An image of the painting "Yggdrasil" by Olga Demidova. Art © Olga Demidova

Herne – If you could spend the day with any artist living or dead, who would you choose?

Olga – Should there be only one?

Herne – Ok, let’s say three? haha!

Olga – Most likely it would have been Arthur Rekhem, John Waterhouse and Isaac Levitan

Herne – Wonderful artists indeed!

Finally Olga, where can people find out more about your work?

Olga – You can find out more about my work on my links:

On my Etsy at

At Artstation:

On Facebook:

On Instagram:

And on Tumblr:

Herne – Thank you Olga!

Olga – Thank YOU!

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