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Published by Herne on August 9, 2020

What a year! 2020 has been surreal for pretty much everyone. It has been interesting and at times frightening to see the million different ways that different communities have reacted to Coronavirus. Clearly the music industry has been hit very hard with the cancellation or postponement of gigs and festivals. Pagan camps have also had to be put on hold and as Damh the Bard rightly said in a recent post:

“One day I am sure we will all be able to stand in Circle again, holding hands, sharing food and drink, and hugging each other. Until then we will have to get creative and re-imagine what it means to be a Pagan, in community, sharing space and time with each other”

Thinking About – Pagan Events after Covid-19

As an online radio station Wyldwood Radio has thankfully not been affected particularly badly, however we wait to see if bug fixes and patches needed for our streaming software have been produced in time for the dreaded daylight savings shift which usually sees us panicking for a week!

New T-shirt designs coming soon!

So I am pleased to announce that the UK lockdown has given me the time I needed to start working on designs for our T-shirts and hoodies. I’ll be retiting the current Cernunnos design on Wyldwood’s 9th birthday (6th October 2020) and will soon be releasing a brand new design to replace it, other designs are also on their way, finally!

BLM and the Wyldwood Ethic

Followers of our Facebook page will have already seen our statement regarding racism and other forms of discrimination. These backward views are something we have always and always will be something we stand against. Our full statement is as follows:

Dear Wyld Folk,

Let us be clear: Wyldwood Radio has always been and always will be firmly against any form of discrimination, be it ableism, sexism, ageism and given the very nature of the music and culture of the Wyldwood, racism.

There can be no denying that Paganism as it is today is largely inspired by the workings of the new-thought, new-age and Wicca, movements that led to the resurgence of Witchcraft and the renewal of interest in older Pagan paths. These movements may have once been the domain of privileged, white men, but they were built on the practices of various cultures. It is our responsibility as modern Pagans to leave behind the privilege and to create, nurture and expand an inclusive, caring path.

When observing Pagan music, just as with observing the myriad Pagan paths in the world, ancient and modern, there are far more similarities than there are differences, far more reasons to see our oneness than our separateness.

The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery are the very tip of a very large iceberg, this is not a new phenomenon, this has been happening for literally hundreds of years as a society led by powerful, privileged, white men has perpetuated sick ideas about the validity of people who look different. IT MUST STOP.

There is a sickness in modern Paganism where racist, white supremacist fools believe that by using ancient symbols and European deity names, they can somehow justify the evil acts committed against people of colour. These people are NOT Pagan and no matter how much they argue or threaten, they will never be Pagan, and they will never be welcome in the Wyldwood.

We firmly support diversity in Pagan culture and we want to further encourage inclusivity in the Wyldwood and our community. This will always be a safe space for people of all colours, all nations to express themselves, openly, without prejudice.

Let us make this very clear: If you disagree with our stance and our community standards then you are not welcome in the Wyldwood.

So mote it be!

Team Wyldwood

9th Birthday Show

9 years! Wyldwood Radio began 9 years ago! Strangely it feels longer than this, and although it has had some bumps along the way it has been a labour of love which I am grateful to be a part of. So we usually do an annual show and this year will be no exception. So let’s set the date!

Tuesday 6th October 2020 at 20:00 UTC will be the time for our 9th Birthday Show! What would you like to hear in the show? ANy requests for tracks? Let us know via our Facebook page, A Twitter message or by using the contact form on this website!

Bright blessings,


[1] Thinking About – Pagan Events after Covid-19

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