Cover for Mannavegr by Danheim

Cover for Mannavegr by Danheim

Throughout the week you will be able to hear more of this amazing band’s music played on Wyldwood Radio including a focus on two tracks from the band during Wyldwood “Almost” Live (Wednesday at 20:00 UK time).

Hailing from Denmark, Mike Schæfer Olsen is the man behind this fantastic musical project which blends electronic music with dark, tribal Pagan tunes. Focussing on the mythology of Scandinavia Danheim invites us to explore a bold expression of Heathen music that can be the perfect backing to a wild ceremony or perhaps a Stav training session.

While the mainstay of Danheim’s music is centred around traditional, dark, tribal sounds, tracks such as Vega touch on a dancier, more modern thread and you may hear them in Pagan Dance Department (Saturdays from 21:00).

Some of our favourite tracks by Danheim are Ulfhednar, Temple of Odin and Tyr.

Danheim also collaborates with other artists such as Sigur Bodi, and Fader Sol, Moder Jord.

We would recommend this band to fans of Wardruna and Heilung.

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