Cover for Rastaban's second album "Arise".Belgian folk band Rastaban create lively music which draws on folklore from around Europe. The music feels as if it has no small amount of Gypsy influence and performances by the band are certainly energetic!

The band members come from a variety of musical backgrounds including Reggae, Rock, Neofolk and Folk and some of the members are or have been also members of other bands that we play on Wyldwood Radio. This creates a rich sound with threads from many influences that weave together to create musical pieces like no other.

Rastaban have released two albums to date, Aurora (2013) and Arise (2015) which can be ordered directly from the band on their website: as well as on Bandcamp:

We would recommend this band to fans of Eriney, La Horde, Cesair and La Maisnie Hellequin and the music is certainly great for a Pagan party!

Listen out for extra music in our playlist throughout the week and for two tracks in Wyldwood “Almost” Live on Wednesday.

Band members:

Marine Libert – vocals
Dominic Marchal – guitar
Luka Aubri – slideridoo, vocals
Arno Polet – violin
Thomas Biesmeijer – Irish bouzouki
Mich Rozek – drums & percussion

Visit Rastaban on their website:

And their Facebook page: