This week we have revived our old Band of the Week feature where we focus on the career and music of a particular band played on Wyldwood Radio!

For our first week we have chosen Spanish Pagan folk band Trobar de Morte!

Cover for Witchcraft, the latest album by Trobar de Morte - Artwork by Victoria Frances

Cover for Witchcraft, the latest album by Trobar de Morte – Artwork by Victoria Frances

Throughout the week you will be able to hear more of this amazing band’s music played on Wyldwood Radio including a focus on two tracks from the band in this week’s Wyldwood “Almost” Live (Wednesday at 20:00 UK time).

Trobar de Morte was founded in way back in 1999 as a project by the talented Lady Morte. The first recording by the band was a demo titled Ancient Tales and was completely self edited. Since then, the band have recorded ten albums including the latest, “Witchcraft” which was released in September 2018. The latest album features a gorgeous cover image by the talented Victoria Frances which we feel really sets the scene for the album.

The band’s sound is a beautiful blend of traditional folk music from across Europe which also features a heavy Gothic overtone. It is perfect music for setting the atmosphere for a Pagan get-together or perhaps backing music for a ceremonial space. We recommend this band for people who enjoy the music of bands such as Omnia, Cesair, Faun, Irfan, Narsillion and The Moon and the Night Spirit.

Live performances with Trobar de Morte include dancers and beautiful stage decoration which truly help set the scene and draw the listeners into the magical soundscapes on a journey to a time when Witchcraft was commonplace and magic was everywhere!

Here is their latest music video, created for the track La Era de las Brujas: Zugarramurdi (The Age of Witches: Zugarramurdi)

Current band members:

  • Lady Morte – Voice, Flute, Hurdy Gurdy, Keyboardist and music Composer
  • Moonvic – Percussion, Bass & Backing Vocals
  • Daimoniel – Guitar and Bouzoki & Backing Vocals
  • Sined Zulim – Oriental Percussions
  • Üri Bokskog – Flutes, Bagpipes & Backing Vocals
  • Mairehad – Violin


You can find out more about Trobar de Morte on their website:

Their Facebook page:

And their Youtube channel where you can see official music videos and live performances of the band: