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This Beltane has been a truly blessed one, spent in magical places with friends both old and new. Yuliya and I have been visiting various moots and sacred sites over the last couple of weeks and have been given the warmest of welcomes at each one.

What I found most surprising was that in some of these places, people knew me for Wyldwood Radio, something which surprised me because over the thirteen years of running the station, I was more accustomed to hearing from people in Europe and the United States than anywhere else. Strangely enough, here in Britain, Wyldwood seemed largely unknown. Certainly Wyldwood was known by some of the bands here, and by friends, but in the general Pagan community, it wasn’t well known at all. Or at least it seemed that way.

Walking in to Ruby Moon (see below), it was a surprise when the ladies behind the counter recognised me, they didn’t know that the station had closed however.

At the Dawn of the Oak Moot (below) it felt more usual as I was a complete newcomer to the moot and Wyldwood was entirely unheard of. Whereas, the Colours of the Oak Moot (below) I already knew Baz and Max from Spriggan Mist, but I was surprised to hear that other members of the moot knew the station too.

Over on social media I asked whether people felt they’d like to see the return of the station and I received messages and comments from many people about how the station was missed and loved.

After taking around a year away from both social media and Wyldwood, I have come to realise that I cannot give it up, as it is as much a part of me as my spiritual path, it is, in fact, a very real part of my spiritual path. It is a passion of mine, and the thrill of building and maintaining the Wyldwood far outweighs the difficulties it presents. This being said, it is not something I can leap back into as fully as I have before. I am working in a management position in my day-to-day job and it is becoming more demanding. I also have more commitments than ever before and these are not things that I can, or will simply drop.

So, after thinking long and hard about Wyldwood Radio, and listening to the kind words on social media and out in the real world, I feel it has become clear that I need to follow my heart and my path and to reopen Wyldwood Radio, albeit as an automated stream in the beginning. More will come later, but for now, baby steps are needed. I cannot risk another crash in my mental health such as that which I experienced last year.

There isn’t a concrete date on when Wyldwood Radio will return yet, but I can promise that it will be in Summer of 2024. This time however I will also be limiting the growth of the station to the growth of support I receive as I cannot pile my own money into the station as I have done for most of its life; money is more precious now than ever before, for most of us. On that note, a Patreon will be created to help support the station and there will be definite benefits for supporters.

For more info and more regular news on the Wyldwood and Wyldwood Radio, please follow us on our social media channels:

I want to share a couple of the wonderful places we have visited this Beltane period which we would recommend people visiting or finding out more about.

The Dawn of the Oak Moot in London

This was the first time that we had visited this old moot, and what a fun event it is! Hosted in a busy pub; The Sir John Oldcastle in Farringdon, London, this lively moot is probably the largest I have ever been to. It is an eclectic moot, although its beginnings were in the Northern Mysteries. We got to chat with people from the Witchcraft, Heathen and Druid paths as well as those with no fixed path. I highly recommend this moot to anyone living in or around London.

You can find out more about the moot in their Facebook group here:

And you can sign up to the moot on Meetup here:

The Colours of the Oak Moot, Bracknell

Organised by Baz and Max Cilia of the amazing Pagan rock band ‘Spriggan Mist’ (who you may have heard on Wyldwood Radio), this moot takes place in a community centre and has a variety of activities. Here we were given the materials to make small Maypoles to add to the Beltane Altar and then we took part in a wonderful Beltane ritual. The moot has been running since around 2011 and has a welcoming and open atmosphere where you feel part of the family.

You can find out more about the Colours of the Oak Moot on their Facebook group here:

You can find out more about Spriggan Mist, find their dates and buy their music here:

Ruby Moon, High Wycombe

Tucked away behind the town centre in High Wycombe is a brilliant little Pagan shop which has been open for a little over 25 years. It has a lovely array of crystals, incenses, fairtrade clothing, books and more.

You can find out more about Ruby Moon at:

Or on their facebook page at:

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