Over the last month, despite the loss of the US for our stream, we have been moving Wyldwood Radio onto a software. Everescast is a great piece of radio automation software which allows all of our team members to be able to get hands on with the stream. As a result we have already expanded our playlists to include even more Pagan bands and artists, new playlists are in development and we have two exciting new features!

Track Voting:

Years ago we tried to incorporate track voting into our old website, however the software we were using just wasn’t making it easy. So we took to entering a LONG list of all our artists into a Google Form and asked for our listeners to vote for their favourite artists. It was a horrendous method and it yielded very few results, most likely because it required endless scrolling and searching to find what you were looking for!

Everestcast (so named for the Nepalese origin of the developer) brings the ability to rate the tracks that you hear with a simple click! On our web player: (https://wyldwoodradio.torontocast.stream) you can now click the ‘Thumbs Up’ icon for tracks that you love and the ‘Thumbs Down’ icon for the tracks that you really don’t like. It’s quick and easy!

This will really help us to refine the playlists and bring you the station you want to hear!

Track Requests & Shoutouts:

Finally you can now request any of the tracks you hear in our regular playlist or in Ancient Echoes with the click of a button! You can now search through all of the tracks in those playlists here: https://wyldwood.org/radio#trackrequests, select the song you’d like to hear and click ‘Request’. Your track will then play after the current song*. But it doesn’t stop there! You can also request a shoutout to appear on our player with your track! Want to dedicate a track to a loved one, a friend, your Coven, Grove or Circle? Just fill in the form that pops up when you request your track and your message will appear in the box on our player!

These features are NOT available on TuneIn, Sonos or any other method of listening to Wyldwood! They are only available on our website and player.

*Tracks are played in the order they are requested. If someone else requests a track before you, their track will play before yours. Track requests are not available during the following playlists: Ironwood, Pagan Dance Department, Wyldwood Live, Ancient Echoes.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

Bright Blessings,

Team Wyldwood!