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Book Review: The Devil’s Dozen: Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One

Paperback cover art for The Devil's Dozen: Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One by Gemma Gary
Paperback cover art for The Devil’s Dozen: Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One by Gemma Gary

The world of modern Witchcraft and indeed wider Paganism has been desperately disconnected from the darker aspects of the craft; obsessed as we seem to be with the light, we often glaze over the night side of ‘The Witches God’.

Gemma Gary’s ‘The Devil’s Dozen’ brings us back in touch with that missing aspect with thirteen beautifully crafted rites for both solitary and coven work for reconnecting ourselves with that ancient source of power.

The chants and devotional prayers within this book are both intense and poetic; ancient and ecstatic while also reverent and personal. What I find most exciting about this book is its insistence on working outside in nature. Too long have we sheltered away from the elements in our cosy living rooms that we have become separate from the most important elements in our path. However rather than taking place only in natural surroundings, the rites also take us to Churchyards which have long been ignored in the wider Pagan world; they are still sources of immense power and play a crucial role in Traditional Witchcraft.

Each rite is given its own chapter with in-depth explanations and examples which give context to the rite or rites. The first rite is a simple rite calling for the ‘Man in Black’ to appear, it is almost a rite of acknowledgement and a plea for invitation into the deeper mysteries.

The Devil’s Dozen contains rites of dedication, of consecration, protection and introduces us to some tools we may not be aware of within the Craft.

If you’re looking for another book which continues the trend of copying rituals and focusing on the well worn path of the Horned God in the light of day, this book is not for you. However if you’re ready to meet the ancient one in his aspects of night, wild ecstasy, fear and the raw power of nature, this is a must for your collection!

Author: Gemma Gary

Publisher: Troy Books

ISBN: 978-1909602199

You can buy The Devil’s Dozen direct from Troy Books here: https://www.troybooks.co.uk/the-devils-dozen