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Poem: The Land is in My Bones

The Land is in My Bones

I remember these hills…

Poem: The Forest My Father

Poem: I Am

Poem: I Am Fading

I am fading by Hennie van Geel 2014

I am fading

the Autumn brings me home

turning inwards

to the dreams of yesteryear

when every morning

was a miracle

every evening

was an adventure

and every dream

was a gods-given message


I am fading

the earthy smell of dew

just before the first-Sun


Poem: My Owl Friends

My Owl Friends by Kristof Deneghal-Wybouw

Here I come on silent wings

nature wonders what this brings

From the moon in darkened night

I bring you change

I bring insight

I bring you death

I am silent, I am swift

I can see with feathered eyes

I call out to the other guys