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Published by Herne on March 19, 2014

Druid Ogham Oracle © British Druid Order
Druid Ogham Oracle © British Druid Order

This wonderful deck of Ogham Oracle cards was created by Steve Rumelhart and Greywolf (Philip Shallcrass). It has been produced by the BDO (British Druid Order) and was originally meant to be used within the order’s Ovate course but was redesigned to be sold outside of the course too.

A fantastic set of colourful cards featuring the name and an image of the tree/plant associated with each few (a single Ogham letter), as well as word Ogham (ancient mnemonic phrases) which hint at the old meanings.

Steve also adds the older meanings to cards which are not naturally associated with a tree (for instance the few for H, Huathe actually represents Fear, the association with Hawthorn is much more recent).

The cards are a good size so are easy to read, yet not so big that they cannot all be held and shuffled easily. Greywolf has selected clear images making tree/plant identification easy. The only downside I would note is the use of a red Ogham few overlaying a green leaf, this may lead to complications for people with certain types of colourblindness.

I am pleased to see that the Aicme Forfeda (a fifth and more recent Aicme or set of five fews) is included in the deck as many Ogham sets today omit them as they are not original. I have always felt that the Aicme Forfeda is a wonderful addition which brings many new and helpful associations.

The booklet which accompanies the deck is concise and straightforward giving clear associations to the Ogham.

Each few in the book features the image found on its card making the task of finding the appropriate passage in the booklet much easier. Rather than rely on the usual new age associations it is clear that much research has been undertaken whilst the booklet was being produced. It is also good to see that each few, when represented in the booklet, has a pronunciation guide.

The information on using the Ogham for divination is clear and easy to understand which makes this set suitable for those who are only just beginning to use Ogham and even for those new to card divination as a whole.

Another thing to note is that the oracle is published in-house and the packaging of the oracle is done by Greywolf, as he says “There probably aren’t many divination decks available with boxes made by the chief of a Druid Order” as he has indeed cut, folded and stuck together every single box.

Overall this is one of the best Ogham oracle sets available and is certainly now my preferred tool for Ogham divination and contemplation.

The Oracle is available for £15 plus postage and packaging from the BDO webshop (link below).

The text is by Steve Rumelhart and the images are by Greywolf.

For more information on the BDO please visit: www.druidry.co.uk

And to buy the deck please visit: BDO Shop

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