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Published by Herne on July 1, 2018

The Druid Tarot © BDO
The Druid Tarot © BDO

The Druid Tarot is a refreshing and bold attempt to produce a tarot deck which incorporates a good draught from both ancient and more modern Druid and Celtic lore. At first glance the deck appears more like an oracle deck, until the reader looks more deeply at the cards and the order in which they fall. It becomes clear that this deck of 29* cards is very similar to that of the major arcana of more traditional tarot decks. There is no minor arcana and I feel that this helps to create a more direct reading without over complication or specificity.

The deck, just as with the Druid Ogham Oracle, also by the British Druid Order, has been printed and assembled by the order themselves which gives a more personal, dedicated and caring feeling. The deck has been purposefully left black and white with the instruction that the reader should colour the deck in as they feel, thus making it even more personal.

Each of the cards displays a piece of artwork from Celtic culture, the selection spans several thousand years and includes such famous pieces as the pillar of the boatmen and the Gunderstrupp cauldron.

Each card is named for a deity in Welsh Paganism but the book also displays alternative names for each deity from Gaulish to Irish which may help the reader to associate them with their own practice if it is not tied in with the stories of the Mabinogi. The book gives an explanation for each deity alongside the divinatory meanings and an explanation of the artwork used.

The deck can be used in whatever manner the reader desires though the book includes guidelines for three different methods, each of which has produced good results.

The Druid Tarot © BDO
The Druid Tarot © BDO

The cards are quite large, being approximately 4” x 6” (7.5cm x 13.5cm) and this may make shuffling difficult for people with smaller hands, however it gives the deck presence and makes them easier for both reader and querent to see.

This deck has certainly become my favourite deck to use as the imagery and intention behind it work very well with my Druid path.

The first two editions of the deck had only 25 cards, in the third edition four more cards were added to incorporate the four treasures of Irish mythology: The stone of destiny, the spear of Lugh, the sword of Nuada and the Cauldron of the Dagda. These cards can be incorporated into the reading however I use them to set out sacred space with each being placed in the appropriate quarter for their elemental associations.

You can order The Druid Tarot directly from the British Druid Order at the following link: BDO Shop

You can find our more about the British Druid Order and the wonderful courses in Druidry that they have produced at the following links:

Website: BDO Website

Facebook: BDO Facebook

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