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Published by Herne on September 1, 2014

This artist feature first appeared in Wyldspirit issue 3 (Wyldwood Radio e-zine September 2014)

Brighid © Esther Remmington
Brighid © Esther Remmington

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love of fairytales, myth and magic, along with a passion for art and crafts. These are the things that make me who I am and what I do now.

I am lucky enough to be pursuing a career in fantasy art, painting mythic and faery themed images, and creating alternative leather crafts in partnership with my husband, Martin.

My path to becoming a fantasy artist began as a child when I spent much of my time drawing fairytale characters and generally being lost in a world of fantasy. Growing older, this evolved into my interest in myths, legends and folklore. This in turn lead me to follow a path of paganism and druidry, all of which inspire my work today.

Studying art, I fell in love with the Pre-Raphaelite paintings for their romantic depiction of fairytale and legend. I also began to discover a lot of Fantasy Art and in particular, the Faery Art movement that seemed to be growing in popularity at the time.

All of this influenced my own artwork and in 2006 I launched my own website, showcasing my small collection of Faery Paintings. The rest, as they say, is history and I have sold my artwork across the world and felt honoured to see my art featured in magazines, calenders and music albums.

My art has since branched out from Faeries to explore the fantastical and mythical, such as Dragons, and inspiration from my spiritual path such as the Green Man and Celtic Gods and Goddesses. One of my most popular pieces is also one of my personal favourites, and that is my painting of Brighid. Another of my favourites is Morrigan, one of the Goddesses that I will be revisiting in future art. I also love to include animals in my artwork, such as hares, deer and ravens. I find much inspiration in the beauty of nature, the changing of the seasons, the power of the elements and the mystery of what lies beyond what we see.

Herne © Esther Remmington
Herne © Esther Remmington

Further inspiration comes from the Faery and Pagan Community, of which my husband, Martin and I have become a part of, attending events around the UK meeting wonderful folk and exhibiting our creations. Martin is a leatherworker and over the last year we have been working together under the name of Triba Mythica. I have learned how to apply my art to leather, by tooling and painting my designs onto the handbags and journal covers Martin makes. I have found my artwork changing to accommodate more of a design element to suit the leather tooling. Working in this medium has also opened up a whole new creative adventure and together we have ventured into the world of costume, creating masks, headdresses and armour. We are again influenced by the faery and fantasy theme but also with very much a tribal
and Celtic influence.

The ideas keep flowing and I am never without inspiration. Most recently I have been creating jewellery in the form of feathers and leaves sculpted from leather and hand painted which have certainly proved very popular! There’s lots more to come, both as paintings and leathercraft.

I am very grateful to be doing what I do, following my path and looking forward to my next creative adventure!

My artwork can be found here: estherremmington.com

Our leathercraft can be found here: tribamythica.com

Plus you can find us on Facebook!

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