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It’s had for me to look back now at a time when I wasn’t involved with Pagan Radio. Wyldwood began as a simple idea, a momentary flash of inspiration from which I didn’t expect anything to manifest. One thing I can say is that nothing is as I expected it, in so many good ways. […]


Published by Herne on: November 6, 2021


Krista – Thank you for your time and for speaking to us at Wyldwood Radio. I have listened to you for many years and your music genuinely transports me back to the past. I remember playing Invoking Pan, closing my eyes and seeing myself in a candle lit woodland circle with a bright shining moon […]


Published by Krista Gale on: September 5, 2021


The world of modern Witchcraft and indeed wider Paganism has been desperately disconnected from the darker aspects of the craft; obsessed as we seem to be with the light, we often glaze over the night side of ‘The Witches God’. Gemma Gary’s ‘The Devil’s Dozen’ brings us back in touch with that missing aspect with […]


Published by Herne on: February 22, 2020