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Herne Wyldwood

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I do not believe that the Tarot give a definite view of the future, merely that they can give advice based on the current path of the querent. They are a tool which taps into the unseen, the collective unconscious, the archetypes of the human being and help tell a story of what was, what is and what may yet be. They offer guidance on a situation, and though in many cases this guidance may expand what we already know, and often choose to ignore, they often highlight a path, or a situation which we are completely oblivious to.

Could it be that the spirits of those who have gone before speak through the Tarot with their experience? Perhaps. But they are a tool that can be trusted when used without ego or ulterior motive.

The Tarot and Oracle reviews on this site are written by me, I engage with each deck in readings for myself and for others, then give my opinions on each deck or book in as fair a way as possible. I do not believe that there is such a thing as a bad deck, just that some decks work with some people and not others.

My Journey

I have always been open to the unseen, whether you would call it instinct, inner voice or clairvoyance, I am aware of the various threads within a person’s story. Cartomancy, whether with Tarot, Oracle cards or even regular playing cards, has been a tool I have used through most of my adult life, and years ago I used to pass this skill on to others, along with other methods of divination.

I first began working with the Tarot in my teens, originally with the Rider-Waite deck as that was all that was available to me, and this deck remains my main choice for teaching and reading.

I have worked with a good few decks over the years, my favourites have been the Rider-Waite / Universal Waite, Alistair Crowley Thoth Tarot and the Mage: The Ascension Tarot which although based on the popular role-playing game from White Wolf, was very well researched and created!

I am a designer, that is something that has always been with me, from play to my professional work and whether that is the design of a website, a garden or a logo, I find immense pleasure in interpreting ideas into something visual or practical.

I use a blend of traditional art media, photography and digital art to create my designs and will soon be sharing some pieces of Tarot inspired work.