A photo of a sunset and clouds. The sky is purple and pink.

I Am

I have stood on the edge of a Forest and I could taste the sweetness of the passing seasons.
I have heard the blackbird sing and I could feel the pride in his chest.
I have swum in the waters and felt the minds of the salmon, great depths of wisdom, drawn from the endless places of the world.
I have felt the horse as she runs across the fields, heart pumping, fierce and wild, like the blood of all Britons.
I have heard the sword as it swings through the air, it’s song calling out for the neck, to take a trophy as our ancestors did,
and I’ve felt the wings of the Heron upon my back, strong and elegant, noble and full of grace.
I have sat with the adder, awaiting it’s prey, I’ve known the hunger of it’s vigil and the satisfaction of it’s meal.
I have ridden with the sun and moon, gliding swiftly over clouds in the blue.
I have eaten with the wolves, taking no more than a fair share for my part in the hunt, knowing true family.
I have worn the guise of a bull and chased down the lion who threatened my young, and I have been the lion and chased down that very bull and devoured him as I would have his young.
I’ve sat on the throne of a king and the chair of a god, I’ve dined with a queen and slept with a goddess.
As a pauper, a minstrel and a mercenary I’ve lived, in many lands and many times, I’ve sat with the wisest and learned their lore, I’ve heard the prophecies of the lost, I’ve witnessed the deeds of both kings and cowards, tyrants and saviours.
I’ve seen the legions of Rome swallow the world, only to be swallowed by what they spat out, I’ve seen the world covered in darkness and I’ve known the pain of loss but also the joyful seed of hope.
I’ve drunk form the breasts of all mothers and I’ve borne every man’s child.
I’ve been there when philosophers thought on the beginning and I have heard talk of an end.
I’ve stretched my claws and spine like a cat, I’ve squatted like a toad,
I’ve soared the steppes in an eagles belly and looked out from a stags eyes in the rut.
I’ve caught salmon with the bears and I’ve been eaten by them too.
It has always been this way, and it will be this way forever.
I know this for I have seen the wheel as it turns, I have sat on each spoke just as I have the hub.
I have danced on it’s rim and thrown myself from it’s edges only to be caught by the gentle hands of existence,
and placed again in my rightful spot I find everything is complete.
I am the fire in the head and I am always burning.

© Herne Wyldwood 2003