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An interview with: Munknörr

Munknörr create wonderful music with a fusion of sounds and each layer of it really works perfectly together.  With albums like Futharuna, one can’t help but feel an immediate connection with the ancestors in a very strong tribal sense.   

Wyldwood: Hi Damián, thank you for speaking with us at Wyldwood.  Your music has many different elements to it, Celtic and Norse to name a few. How did all of these different influences come together to inspire your sound? 

Damián: It didn’t happen instantly , the music evolved as I became interested in other cultures .  It was very natural, I didn’t even think to make a mix of cultures , it just happened. The sound is like a fusion of how I feel the cultures that interest me.  I usually read about Nordic culture, Eddas, Native American culture and always there is a new culture around the corner that I want to deepen. 

Wyldwood: A lot of your tracks relate to the Runes.  Is this a particular area that you have studied extensively?  If so, do you find a strong connection with that particular Rune that you are writing about when you create the song? 

Damián: I read a lot about runes when I was composing Futharuna.  I tried to connect with the runes and feel the meaning to make the best atmosphere for each one.  Laguz for example I connected with water.  I was on vacation with my hand recorder and I recorded the sea for the song, it was awesome. 

Wyldwood: How did Aethelwyne get involved with your projects? 

Damián: She commented on a YouTube video, Cernunnos, a song on my first album and then all of the magic began.  Our first song together was Raido.  I remember the feeling when she sent me the voices.  It was like wooow! 

Wyldwood: What music do you listen to yourself? 

Damián: I listen to a lot of music.  Musically speaking I had different moments in my life I guess like everyone.  Also I work in a music store too listening to music all day.  At the moment I’m listening Mori Boine, her album Idjagiedas is incredible, Loreena McKennit. 

On the other hand I like post Rock, Sigur Ros, Black Metal, piano music… Ludovico Enaudi, Yann Tiersen, Classical Music. 

Wyldwood: What is your favourite instrument to play and why? Do you make any of your own instruments? 

Damián: Since I was kid, my main instrument has been the guitar but at the moment I’m in love with Native American flutes.  The feeling when I’m playing the flute is refreshing and relaxing so its hard to choose between the two.  Can I keep both?  No, I don’t make my instruments, well I made some shaker with a tupperware and soy protein, does that count? 

Wyldwood: If you could work with one artist, who would that be and why? 

Damián: There are a few artists which I would love to work with and one of them will be working with us to make a song.  Runahild.  Her voice is very special, raw, wild and Shamanic.  We feel connected with her style, so soon we will be working with her in a song, we are very excited for that. 

Wyldwood: Your ethereal song Cernunnos is completely different to previous songs you have written with a strong Celtic concept. What made you write this song? 

Damián: I remember I was in my room when I made that song and thinking about being in the forest, and that was it, that´s how the trip began. Then I started to research things about the forest and I found Cernunnos. 

Wyldwood: How did your connection with the Shamanic Native American music start?? 

Damián: A lot of people commented about our music on YouTube, in Futharuna album for example, that our sound has something to do with Native American culture too.  For that album, the truth is, we didn’t think to make it that way, it just happened.  So after all of those comments and knowing that, I started to read a about Native American culture and I fell in love with it. 

Wyldwood: How do you feel the future of Pagan music is evolving? 

Damián: Great!  I mean in these times crazy times people need to connect more with nature to stay mentally healthy and to relax and I’m sure people will realize that music related to nature and spirituality will grow even more. 

Wyldwood: Is there any particular animal you connect with on a spiritual level? (If so, can you tell us more). 

Damián: The truth is I don’t know yet.  I mean what is my Guardian Animal or Totem Animal? Maybe it is the Tiger because I dreamt of this animal a couple of times. I love Wolves but it’s not about the animal you like, it’s the one that calls you. 

Wyldwood: Tell us about your new album 

Damián: Our new album is different from the others.  I mean we have kept the Munknörr style, but since one of the main instruments in this album is the Native American Flute, it has more of a Shamanic Native vibe. The name Shaman is because the figure of the Shaman is known as a healer who uses the power of nature and spirits.  I think music can be like the Shaman. 

Wyldwood: Can you tell us about any events you are playing at (Corona Virus permitting) and any projects that you have coming up. 

Damián: There are no live projects on the way for now.  Here in my country nobody listens to this music so maybe one day in Europe, why not? 

Check out Munknörr from the following links: 

Website: www.Munknorr.com 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClh4dGAZyu5deTJ3pL7lxwg 

Bandcamp: www.munknorr.bandcamp.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/munknorr/ 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/munknorr 

Interview by Krista Gale.