This was Wyldwood Radio’s first ever interview! This comes from a time that our station was known as “Grove Radio” We had very little experience in interviews however Nemetona and Herne were lucky to be able to interview the mighty Eluveitie!

What an inter­view to kick off with on Wyld­wood Radio, the mighty, the mag­nif­i­cent and the proudly Celtic Elu­veitie!

Tak­ing time out from the Euro­pean tour, Chrigel sits down to answer some of our ques­tions. Another tour, a new’s all hap­pen­ing in Eluveitie’s world. Oh, and did we men­tion the mad­ness that is Elu TV?

Logo for Eluveitie

Neme­t­ona: You seem to draw most influ­ence from the Celtic cul­ture, what is the rea­son behind it?

Chrigel: Well, we’re Swiss, I’d say. I just got kinda fas­ci­nated by the cul­ture and his­tory of Switzerland’s ancient inhab­i­tants, the Celts. The Hel­ve­tians were one of the largest and most influ­en­cal tribes in Gaul (the Celtic part of ancient Europe). Well, and this is what we’re focus­ing on lyri­cally and con­cep­tion­ally – the his­tory of the Hel­ve­tians and the Gauls in gen­eral.

Neme­t­ona: You all seem to be from very dif­fer­ent musi­cal back­grounds, what brought you together to form the band?

Chrigel: That would be the love to music and play­ing itself, I guess. We do have quite dif­fer­ent musi­cal back­grounds, granted. But we share the love for our own music, as well as for our, some­times a lit­tle unusual instru­ments.

Neme­t­ona: We see from the blog that you’ve fin­ished record­ing parts of the new album which we’re really look­ing for­ward to hear­ing– do you have a release date yet?

Chrigel: A release date isn’t fixed so far. But we plan to release the album early next year.

Neme­t­ona: You’re tour­ing with Chil­dren of Bodom in early 2012 for the 15th anniver­sary tour in North Amer­ica, any plans to come to the UK for the later stages of the tour?

Chrigel: Sure, yeah! But dates aren’t con­firmed yet, so I can’t tell you any­thing con­crete.

Neme­t­ona: What is the fun­ni­est expe­ri­ence you’ve had at a show?

Chrigel: Oh, hard to say. Over the years we expe­ri­enced lots of quite funny things and/​or inci­dents dur­ing our shows. One prob­a­bly quite funny thing once hap­pened to me dur­ing an US tour: I was just about to [play] the tin whis­tle dur­ing one of our songs, when it lit­er­ally broke into two pieces for what­ever strange rea­sons. So I just stood there and watched the mouth piece of the whis­tle rolling across the stage… guess I just looked like a com­plete retard and I was just laugh­ing, couldn’t help it. I mean, we’re pretty much pre­pared for any­thing that could hap­pen on stage. But was some­thing I really didn’t expect. Judg­ing from the faces in the front row, peo­ple seemed to have a good laugh too, so fair enough.

Neme­t­ona: We love Elu TV and we eagerly await each episode. What made you come up with the idea?

Chrigel: We always did newslet­ters, blogs, tweets and the whole thing. One day, our drum­mer came up with the idea of Elu TV. It’s like a newslet­ter in the form of short tv episodes. Prob­a­bly more enter­tain­ing than a newsletter. 😉

For More infor­ma­tion on Elu­veitie, check out their web­site at: http://​elu​veitie​.ch

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