Cover of Musick and Poëtree © Omnia

This was our first interview with Omnia. We were still very new to interviews but Jenny took the time to answer our questions!

Omnia Logo © Omnia

Omnia Logo © Omnia

Wyldwood Radio – Why did you decide to link your music with your spirituality?

That was not a conscious decision-it just happens, because we are ‘real’, meaning we are who we are on or off stage, doesn’t matter. So we are very spiritual, on and off stage :o)

Wyldwood Radio – Do you feel that spirituality is already an active part of music?

Not enough, sadly…Most bands are in it for the fame and/or the money and/or the groupies :o)

But artists like Xavier Rudd make up for lots of them…If you don’t know him you should check him out, he is the only one that gives us the same feeling as our fans get from us, which is great!

Cover of Musick and Poëtree © Omnia

Cover for Musick and Poëtree © Omnia

Wyldwood Radio – What is the inspiration behind the album ‘Musick and Poëtree’?

Our inspiration comes, as always, from nature and life. Most of our songs are written in a wooden chalet in the Bergian Ardennes, in the middle of a forest. The peace we find there, brings us music and ideas…

You should check out our last album though, it’s a live album with the recent line-up and it kicks ass! (send me your address and we’ll send you one!)

Wyldwood Radio – What or who made you want to become musicians?

For myself, it was music itself. It just calls to me, always has…I can’t help it. I am cursed and blessed with brains that won’t function without good music, be it from myself or from others….Steve was pretty late discovering music, he started when he worked together with a very spiritual ethno-musicologist, re-inventing stone age music, and moved on to Roman music, to Iron-Age Celtic music, and in the end he just ended up playing the kind of music we make now…OMNIA grows like a tree, organically, and we never really know beforehand where the next branch is gonna spout from, or where the saplings take root.

Wyldwood Radio – If you could spend an evening with any musician, alive or dead, who would that be and why?

Xavier Rudd ! Because he is for me the biggest solace, in knowing that there are people that think and feel the same way as we do, trying to open people’s eyes, and he is such a positive energy, not giving up hope, although the times are very trying and the mutant-monkey-world is really going berserk killing our Mother…We often feel very lonely and lost, and his music gives us strength to go on and at least try to make a difference.

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