What is Living Druidry?

In essence, Living Druidry is full participation in a wholistic Druid path. One that includes an ethical, conscious lifestyle, healthy attitudes toward religion and spirituality and the abandonment of personal desires so that one can promote and maintain a balance between the sacred world of nature and the profane world of humankind.

Within The Wyldwood we try to live Druidry as completely as we can. Of course this does not mean that we cease to be “normal people”, quite the opposite in fact! living in balance with nature helps to live more confidently, more fully and with more adventure. The understanding that we are one with the divine and all of nature allows one to communicate more deeply and to appreciate every moment as a sacred experience.

Living Druidry is consciously living Druidic values in our everyday lives. It is also the act of further deepening our understanding of these values and the practices that go with them through study of the cultural influence of Druidry. It is also living as ethically and naturally as is possible in the 9 to 5 world of Western civilisation, but never letting the modern lifestyle become an excuse to not practice Druidry.

Articles on this website seek to explore, explain and open for discussion the path of Druidry so that this lifestyle may become more complete.