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Published by Herne on January 2, 2022

The New Year is here and it’s time to take a look back at 2021 and a look forward to 2022. Here we are on the other side of the new year and like most of the world we are looking at 2022 with eyes full of hope but also a certainty that this year may well be as rough as the last two…. but you never know, things may turn around for us all this year, let’s see.


Aren’t we all bored of it now? I know I certainly am! But coronavirus is beginning to feel as if it is the dominating force in our lives. For some of us that means we are still taking precautions; wearing masks, socially distancing, washing our hands until there is nothing left but soap and bones. Sadly however, and as is to be expected, it seems that far more of us have given up on these precautions and carry on with life as if Covid didn’t exist.

What this means for us and for the disease is uncertain but what this means for the music and festival scene is devastating. There will inevitably be cancellations as cases rise and the almost constant lockdowns in some countries are making it harder for bands to meet, rehearse, collaborate and produce new music.

This means that there are artists now struggling to support themselves and we have already seen the potential closure of Casltefest due to sudden cancellations. How can we support these artists? The obvious way is by buying their music, but we can also help in another, more regular way by supporting them through a service like Duitje. Duitje is a site which helps musicians, artists and other creatives (including us) to receive financial support from their fans. I encourage you to go and take a look.

2021 for Wyldwood

2021 was a fun year for us at Wyldwood, though it had its challenges. We were joined by Krista Gale who offered to do interviews and articles and has so far brought us two amazing interviews with Munknörr and Daemonia Nymphe and we have said goodbye to Rene and Antoinette who operated the shows Ironwood, Pagan Dance Department, Skald’s Hall and Wyldwood On Stage. We were also joined by Yasemin who took over project management here at Wyldwood, an essential position indeed!

This year brought us a new website, one which was created with your feedback and responses to our user questionnaire in September. The answers you gave helped us to see what was working and what wasn’t, your requests for features helped us see what was important to you and so the site you now see was designed largely by you the Wyld Folk, thank you! We intend to run a similar survey annually from now on to see how we can keep improving Wyldwood for you.

And even though there were multiple challenges for bands and artists, there were still a few who managed to produce some material in 2021 including Cesair with this stormy, moody video for Aux Pieds Nus:

And of course Faun’s video for Halloween which is a fun song:

Wyldwood needs you!

We are looking for new members of Team Wyldwood.


With Rene and Antoinette leaving we are looking for people to take over producing their shows. Fancy getting your feet wet in the world of online radio? Contact us and let’s talk about you joining the team!

Content Writers

We are looking for more writers for our website and social media. Want to do interviews or reviews? Perhaps you have an idea for regular articles? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about it!

Wyldwood needs your support

Speaking of support, as most of you will now have seen, Wyldwood is itself looking for support as we head into a new year, with new challenges we need your support now more than ever before. You can find the various support options on our support page

In Conclusion

So there’s not very much I can say overall, 2021 was what it was; all in all it was a challenging and an interesting year for us, we certainly hope that 2022 will provide opportunities to find a more peaceful life for all of us! How was it for you?

Bright blessings,


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