rachel pattersonThe offspring of plants and trees and each one has the potential for new beginnings…

If you are out and about and you find seeds on the ground do collect one or two but leave some for Mother Nature to do her thing.  However, if there are plenty then they can be really useful in spell work.

For me any type of seed represents new beginnings of all kinds, so they can be used in all sorts of spell working for new projects, new romance, new ideas, new outlooks…you get the idea.


Carry an acorn with you to bring luck, prosperity and protection.

Place an acorn on the windowsill under the full moon to bring money to you.

Plant an acorn under the light of a full moon to ensure luck and prosperity.

Bury an acorn on the dark moon to receive a quick infusion of money.

I have read in several articles that at Samhain witches gave each other acorns as gifts and that during the Burning Times giving someone an acorn was a secret way of letting them know you were a witch – how true these suggestions are I will leave up to you…

Use acorns in magical workings for fertility, strength, power and healing.

Keeping an acorn on your windowsill will apparently protect your home from lightening.

Wearing an acorn as a pendant is said to keep you young looking.

If you want to know whether your relationship is with your true love or not you will need two acorn caps, name one for yourself and one for your partner then float the caps in a bowl of water.  If they float together then the relationship is blessed, if they float apart it might be time to pack your bags (or theirs).

When collecting acorns remember that not only do you need to leave enough for baby oaks to grow but they are also food for lots of woodland creatures.

Carry an odd number of acorns in a green or red bag to keep good health.

Sycamore (Great Maple) seeds:

Helicopter seeds as we used to call them when we were children, but I believe they are also called spinning jennies – whatever you call them they come with a heap load of magic.

Sycamore seeds bring harmony, energy, banishing tiredness, patience, prosperity, love, success, abundance and humility.

The seeds are excellent to use in any moon magic workings as they not only carry lunar energy but also a huge feminine vibe.

rachel pattersonConkers/Horse Chestnut/ buckeye seeds:

We used to play ‘conkers’ in the school playground with a horse chestnut seed hung on a piece of string trying to hit your opponent’s conker, the loser was the one whose conker broke first.   They are the shiny dark brown seeds that are found inside the bright green spiky outer shells from the horse chestnut tree.

Buckeye nuts found in the USA and conkers found in the UK are both nuts from horse chestnut tree and are incredibly similar to look at.  Both trees, the American buckeye and the horse chestnut belong to the same tree genus, Aesculus and each has several different species but they all produce very similar seeds, so the conker and the buckeye nut are interchangeable for magical purposes.

The conker/buckeye is brilliant for use in prosperity and money spells.

They are often carried in the pocket by gamblers to bring good luck and fortune.

Rub a conker/buckeye to bring good luck.

Wrap a monetary note around your conker/buckeye and put it in a magic pouch to bring prosperity.

To bring fertility a gentleman must carry one in his pocket (it is said to resemble the shape of a testicle…).

Use conkers/buckeyes in magic pouches to bring fertility or to keep away evil.

Keep your conker/buckeye oiled and polished to keep the magic working.

Make a magic/medicine pouch from green fabric and add magical herbs and a conker/buckeye then dress with money drawing oil for prosperity.

Carry a horse chestnut/buckeye with you to soothe and protect against arthritis.

For healing place a bowl of horse chestnuts in the person’s room, wash the chestnuts daily in spring water to improve their ability to absorb the pain and illness from the patient, dry them well.  If a nut cracks or decays throw it out and replace.

NOTE: Don’t confuse the horse chestnut with sweet chestnut as conkers/buckeyes are very toxic in their raw state.  One folklore story I found states that only half the buckeye is poisonous and that only squirrels know which half is safe in each nut…unless you are a squirrel don’t eat them…

Sweet Chestnuts:

The sweet chestnut tree is Castanea spp from the Fagaceae family and also produces dark brown skinned seeds wrapped in spiky green cases similar to that of the horse chestnut but they are smaller in size and grow in clusters.  They are also edible and rather scrummy roasted.

Sweet chestnuts can be used in magical workings for fertility much as the horse chestnuts are.

Keep sweet chestnuts in the house and also eat them to increase abundance.

Use sweet chestnuts in magical workings for energy, justice, success, grounding and centring and to increase your intuition.

Hazel nut/cob nuts:

The hazel nut (sometimes known as cob nut) comes from trees in the genus Corylus.

We are possibly more familiar with these nuts in a mixed bag at Yule time but you can find hazel trees in the woodlands.

Use hazelnuts in magical workings for wisdom, divination, healing and creative inspiration.

Hang strings of hazel nuts in your home to attract the Faerie.

To get to the bottom of an issue crack a hazelnut and then meditate with it – the nutshell breaking symbolises ‘cracking the situation open’.

The hazelnut is also vaguely heart shaped so it can be used in love magic.

The nutshell also symbolises the womb with the baby nut inside which is where the fertility magic association comes from.


Rosehips are the fruit of the rose bush but then that isn’t a big surprise is it?  If the rose blossoms are left on the plant and allowed to drop their petals, they will form a seed pod that is known as the rose hip.

As children we would pick rosehips and split them open to get the fibrous hairs from inside because it made excellent itching powder…however it does have other more magical uses.

The rose is associated with the planet Venus and the element of water so it makes sense that they can be used in any love, friendship or peace workings.

Add rosehips to pot pourri to bring peace and calm to your house.  Drop rosehips into a ritual bath or add to medicine pouches and charm bags.  You can also pop them in incense blends.

With the element of water present rosehips can be used in cleansing rituals or baths and can be added to witch bottles or medicine pouches to bring healing.

If you feel the need to draw love into your life you can work a rosehip love spell.  String rose hips with a needle and thread to create a necklace.   Charge the necklace with your intent to send energy out into the universe to draw a perfect mate to yourself, don’t be specific as the universe usually knows what is best for you, often better than you do yourself.  Wear or carry your necklace with you when you go out.

Rose hip tea with a drop of honey can be shared with your beloved one to inspire the beginnings of a romantic evening…oooh la la…

Place rosehips around your home to bring harmony and peace especially if there have been recent arguments, it will clear the air.  Tuck them into drawers and cupboards or on window sills and the top of door frames.

Article written by Rachel Patterson

Photo by Alfred Schrock/Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash