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The Wyldwood Radio Playlist

Hosts: Team Wyldwood

The Wyldwood Radio Playlist features music from the Pagan folk and Neofolk, Witchpop and world music. This is our eclectic playlist which we hope will bring a taste of all the goodness from the Pagan music scene, introduce you to new bands at the same time as enjoying many of the bands and artists that you know!

Genres: Neofolk, Gothic Folk, Ritual Folk, Pagan Folk, Witchpop

Artists include: Trobar De Morte, Faun, Shireen, Cesair, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Faith and the Muse, Nemuer, ISON, Inkubus Sukkubus, Waldkauz, Seed Paganfolk, Rastaban, Nook, Eriney, Folknery, Corvus Corax, A Tergo Lupi, Arcana, Irfan, Woodland, Dead Can Dance, Daemonia Nymphe

Ironwood: Pagan Rock & Metal

Hosts: Rene & Antoinette

Join Rene and Antoinette as they bring you an hour of some of the finest Pagan rock and metal from around the world!

Genres: Pagan Metal, Viking Metal, Celtic Metal, Oriental Metal, Asian Metal, Celtic Punk, Folk Rock

Artists include: Amon Amarth, Eluveitie, The Hu, Alien Weaponry, Saltatio Mortis, Nightwish, The Dolmen, Irodrath

Pagan Dance Department

Hosts: Rene & Anoinette

In Pagan Dance Department Rene and Antoinette play music from the Pagan music scene that’s sure to get you up and dancing! Every week the show may introduce you to something new: You might hear Pagan Dub from Silva, Druid Hip-Hop from Gruf or Mani de Bard, Witch House remixes or you might hear something you’ve never discovered before!

Genres: EDM, Celtic Fusion, Electro-Celtic, World Fusion, Pagan Dance music

Artists include: Afro Celt Soundsystem, Delhi 2 Dublin, The Sidh, Frunkulus, Valravn, Corvus Corax, Faun, Gilead, Hedningarna

The Night Wood

Hosts: Herne

The Night Wood brings you some of the very best Occult Gothic music with themes inspired by Paganism, Thelema, the Golden Dawn Occult Society, Shamanism, Paganism and more.

Genres: Gothic Rock, Gothic Folk, Occult Music

Artists include: Fields of the Nephilim, Merciful Nuns, Angels of Liberty, Inkubus Sukkubus, The Kentucky Vampires, Faith and the Muse, Sometime the Wolf

Wyldwood on Stage

Hosts: Rene & Antoinette

All live music!

Genres: Live music, festival, concert, Neofolk, Gothic Folk, Ritual Folk, Pagan Folk, Witchpop

Artists include: Corvus Corax, La Horde, Faun

Skalds Hall

Hosts: Rene & Antoinette

Music from the Northern countries, of dragon-prowed ships and fierce warbands, misty fjords and siedr-fires. This show is guaranteed to fire up that warrior spirit!

Genres: Viking Folk, Scandinavian Folk, Neofolk, Ritual Folk, Pagan Folk

Artists include: Wardruna, Heiling, Danheim, Skald, Nytt Land, Munknörr, Osi and the Jupiter

The Darkened Grove

Hosts: Herne

One of our oldest shows, The Darkened Grove brings you some of the eeriest, darkest folk tunes from around the world.

Genres: Darkened Folk, Gothic Folk, Horror Folk

Artists include: Novemthree, Corncrow, The Hare and the Moon, Kim Thompsett, The Soil Bleeds Black, Faith and the Muse, Hexperos, Aythis, Artesia, The Owl Service

Ancient Echoes: Ritual Folk

Hosts: Team Wyldwood

Drums roar and voices call out from around the sacred fire of a tribal meet! The hunt has begun, the warriors prepare for battle, the shaman paints blood and woad on the people for blessings. Wild dancing and ecstatic trance fill the air with crackling energy as a storm whips around overhead! In this playlist we stir the ancient echoes of our tribal past and fan the flames of our future. Bridging the gap between our ancestors, through us to dance out our reverence for nature

Genres: Ambient, Ritual Folk

Artists include: Paleowulf, Syven, Wardruna, Sowulo, Anilah, Nytt Land, Heilung, Ruumisto