It has been over a year since I closed Wyldwood Radio for various reasons. Over the course of that year I have remained at arms length from anything to do with the station, closing it was not an easy decision, it was however, necessary given the circumstances I found myself in.

A little over a month ago I revived the #wyldwoodradio hastag on instagram and began to mention the station again; alongside this I began making contact with some of the people I had met during the ten years that Wyldwood Radio operated. Since then, as if light had hit the forest floor, causing a plethora spring flowers, crocus, snowdrop, aconite and bluebell to stir and bloom; I have received numerous requests to consider starting the station up again. On top of this, and completely out of the blue, I have been approached by some bands we had never played, some new to me and some brand new bands, with requests to include their music in the stream.

I have spent some time thinking hard about this, Wyldwood Radio was too expensive for me to run, and it was a lot of work for one person to run, something that I had to do more often than not over the last four years of its life. If I were to start the station again, it would be done so with some significant changes and would have to be done more closely alongside my ethics; for one thing, I detest Facebook but was caught in a trap of having to maintain a presence there which in fact, behind the scenes was an incredibly toxic experience; so Wyldwood Radio would have a much reduced social media presence, limited to Instagram*

I cannot guarantee monthly interviews and reviews, I work full time and have various other projects outside of that, so my time is much more limited now.

I can however now announce that I have procured the hosting necessary to restart the stream and so I am excited to announce that Wyldwood Radio will return to the airwaves on the Spring Equinox this year (20th March 2023).

I will be bringing back some of your favourite playlists including Ironwood and The Darkened Grove alongside some revamped versions of other playlists including Pagan Dance Department. Throughout most of the day and night of course the Wyldwood Radio Playlist will be playing as it always did.

There will be more updates between now and the Equinox. I hope you are as excited as I am, and I hope that you enjoy what you hear on Wyldwood Radio

Brightest blessings of Imbolc,


*yes I am aware that Instagram is also part of the vile Meta organisation, however it is far less toxic and rather enjoyable.

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