NSFW warning!
Songs about faeries are fine, they bring cheer to the soul, but the skill of the ancient bard lay not only in lifting spirits, but also in damning souls.
It is fitting then perhaps that the power of the bard should be gifted to those whose voices have until now been silenced and even now are muffled by the pillow forced into their faces by a world dominated by corrupt media corporations and religious institutions.
I have always had the utmost respect for Amanda Palmer, her Ted Talk and her music continue to inspire me, but this new work with Jasmine Power is probably the most powerful thing I’ve seen from her. Though Amanda’s music is rarely featured on Wyldwood Radio as it doesn’t fit the main genre of the station, we do include some of her work.
Stand proud the female bard, sing the truth and may the power of your words bring corruption to its knees.