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Support Wyldwood

Thank you for your consideration in supporting Wyldwood.

We love what we do here, essentially sharing music, ideas and other content with people who share similar ideas and enjoy the same music. It’s simple, but it requires some software to do it.

Our current outgoings come to a little over £100 per month and as you can understand, that’s a lot for any of us at Wyldwood to pay alone and it takes us away from doing more with what we have created.

Our Current Costs


  • Torontocast: £9.59
  • Google Suite: £3.30 per user
  • Kyrstal Hosting: £14.99
  • Adobe CC: £49.94
  • Spotify (for maintaining our specialised playlists): £12.99
  • ClickUp (for task management): £13.99
  • Ko-fi Gold (to allow us to take regular memberships and sell items through the online shop): £5

Total: £117.79


  • Domain Name: £14.99 (However this can rise at any time)
  • Antivirus: £79.99

Total: £94.98

Total Annual Outgoings: £1,508.46

Without these pieces of software and other outgoings we cannot create material for our website or social media and we cannot maintain the radio stream, the player or the website itself. And that’s why your support is so important to us.

We appreciate all the support that we have received over the years and we hope to be able to continue what we are doing, in fact we hope to make it even better as we move forward. For that, we need you.

Donations & Memberships

If you would like to support what we do here at Wyldwood, please consider either a donation or even a regular monthly membership for which we offer various rewards.

We currently use the platform ‘Ko-fi’ for taking memberships and donations. You can find all the options to support us in these ways below.





Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering supporting Wyldwood!

Bright Blessings,