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Spellcraft Tip: Being Your Intention

Once the intention is set and the ritual is done, how do we ensure that the spell is successful?

One aspect of spellcraft that is not discussed often enough is what……

Interview: Brendan Howlin

At last I found it! I thought I had lost this interview, but found it on an old external drive. This is the interview with Brendan Howlin, Druid and author of “Urban Druidry” and “The Urban Ovate”. This interview was filmed back in 2019.

Deck Review: The Druid Tarot

Book Review: The Path of Druidry

This review was written by Herne for Wyldspirit issue 2 (The June 2014 edition of the Wyldwood Radio e-zine)

Deck Review: Druid Ogham Oracle