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An interview with: Elwynn the Witch

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An interview with: Anna D. Invernizzi – The Alchemist of the Arts

Hi folks!

Here is the first of two amazing interviews I was privileged to be able to do over Beltane.  This marks the beginning of more regular interviews for The Wyldwood, so I hope you enjoy them!

This first interview is with Anna D. Invernizzi, a talented artist often combining Bindrunes into her work, she is also……

Interview with Daemonia Nymphe

This interview was written by Krista Gale

Interview: Osi and the Jupiter

This interview is between Krista Gale on behalf of Wyldwood and Sean Kratz from Osi and the Jupiter in April 2021

Interview: Brendan Howlin

At last I found it! I thought I had lost this interview, but found it on an old external drive. This is the interview with Brendan Howlin, Druid and author of “Urban Druidry” and “The Urban Ovate”. This interview was filmed back in 2019.

Artist Interview: Olga Demidova

A Photo of Olga Demidova


Art for their Sake: The charity work of George Nicholas

Interview: Annicke and Thomas of Shireen

This month, we speak with Annicke and Thomas of Shireen about the band’s origins, Annicke’s clothing label ‘Folk Tailor’ and even hair products!

Herne: So we’re here today with Thomas and Annicke of Shireen. Hello guys!

Thomas and Annicke: Hello!

Nemetona: How are you doing?

Thomas: Fine, thank you.

Annicke: I’m totally cool!

Artist Interview: Esther Remmington

Brighid © Esther Remmington

This artist feature first……

Artist Interview: Jessica Valentine