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Wyldwood Radio Announcement

A mighty oak, once gathered around by Druids, famed for the mistletoe in its high branches, falls in the forest. Over time his limbs, trunk and roots decay. Within the trunk woodlice, grubs and beetles eat away the old, becoming food themselves for woodpeckers, flycatchers, firecrests and doormice. Outward the bark becomes covered in mushrooms,……

Interview with Elvya Dulcimer

Part of the cover art for Elvya’s single, Ann’Vatu © Elvya

In December 2014 Nemetona spoke with Elvya about her music and inspiration. This interview first appeared in Wyldspirit Issue 4 (December edition of the Wyldwood Radio e-zine).

Nemetona: You recently released your first single, Ann’Vatu. How has the reception been from that?

Elvya: We recorded the single mainly to let the public get in……

Interview with Annicke and Thomas of Shireen

Live at magic Fair 2013, picture by flickr.com/photos/canon_1956

Herne and Nemetona spoke with Annicke and Thomas of Shireen about the band’s origins, Annicke’s clothing label ‘Folk Tailor’ and even hair products! This interview first appeared in Wyldspirit Issue 3 (September 2014 edition of the Wyldwood Radio e-zine).

Nemetona: So we’re here today with Thomas and Annicke of Shireen. Hello guys!


Interview with Rastaban

Rastaban Promotional Shoot. © Rastaban 2013

In August 2014 Herne and Nemetona caught up with legendary Belgian Pagan folk band Rastaban for an interview backstage at Castlefest’s 10th anniversary!

Herne: So we’re sat here with Rastaban

Rastaban: Hello!

Nemetona: How are you doing?

Dominic: Oh, not bad.

Mich: Sweaty!


Herne: You’ve just done a performance on the main stage atCastlefest; fantastic performance, absolutely brilliant!

Nemetona: It was……

Album Review: Voluspá’s EP

The cover for the EP from Voluspá

This review was written by Nemetona for Wyldlings Issue 6 (The January 2014 and final edition off the Wyldwood Radio Newsletter before it was replaced with Wyldspirit)

Hailing from Norway, Voluspá are a wonderful combination of musicians. With the beautiful vocals of Sól and the accompaniment of different musical styles and backing vocals, this……

Album Review: Alvenrad by Sowulo

The cover for Alvenrad by Sowulo

Here is our review of Alvenrad by Dutch Pagan Folk band Sowulo. This was first published in the December 2013 edition of the Wyldwood Radio Newsletter (Issue 5).

This is the debut album from the Dutch folk band Sowulo, and it is beautiful. The album is packed with haunting melodies and the flow from……

Album Review: Dies Nox et Omnia by Cesair

Cover art for Dies Nox et Omnia. © Orchus

This review was written by Nemetona for Issue 3 of Wyldlings (the November 2013 edition of the Wyldwood Radio Newsletter)

Atmospheric, haunting and beautiful are just three words which can be used to describe an album such as this. From the first song, Prologue, you are entranced with the music which is weaved together……

Interview with Omnia (2011)

Cover of Musick and Poëtree © Omnia

This was our first interview with Omnia. We were still very new to interviews but Jenny took the time to answer our questions!

Wyldwood Radio – Why did you decide to link your music with your spirituality?

That was not a conscious decision-it just happens, because we are ‘real’, meaning we……