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Album Review: Pagan by Faun

I am……

The Wyldwood Radio Relaunch

After a little more than a year away from the airwaves, due to some unavoidable difficulties, I am excited to say that I will be bringing Wyldwood Radio back to the airwaves.

I have set the date for the relaunch as 20th……

Interview with Daemonia Nymphe

This interview was written by Krista Gale

Interview: Osi and the Jupiter

This interview is between Krista Gale on behalf of Wyldwood and Sean Kratz from Osi and the Jupiter in April 2021

Interview: Annicke and Thomas of Shireen

This month, we speak with Annicke and Thomas of Shireen about the band’s origins, Annicke’s clothing label ‘Folk Tailor’ and even hair products!

Herne: So we’re here today with Thomas and Annicke of Shireen. Hello guys!

Thomas and Annicke: Hello!

Nemetona: How are you doing?

Thomas: Fine, thank you.

Annicke: I’m totally cool!

Interview: Sowulo

We managed to catch a few moments of Sowulo’s time before they release their album, Alvenrad. Read on to find out more about one of the up and coming big names in the Pagan music scene.

Wyldwood Radio: What got you interested in playing music?

Sowulo: For all of us this started when we were little children…….

Interview with: Fay Brotherhood and Lee Burns of Cernewoda

Herne: You’ve released four albums and two sin­gles, what was the inspi­ra­tion behind them?

Fay: We have just released an EP, Mother Moon under our brand new dis­tri­b­u­tion deal which is our first release as a duo and can be found on Amazon/​iTunes etc. The inspi­ra­tion behind them all has been var­ied. Whis­pers in the Boughs……

Interview with Anwen from Brocc

Herne — We were absolutely delighted when we received an email from Brocc ask­ing to be played on Wyld­wood Radio, and when the album arrived, we were instantly in love with it. What brought the band together in the begin­ning?

Anwen — Orig­i­nally, Clar and Hallr wrote and recorded ‘Call of the Wild Wood’ and ‘Lyonesse’,……

Interview: Telling the Bees

This month we sit down for an interview with Andy Letcher of Telling the Bees in his quiet home in Oxford.

Tucked away in the idyllic set­ting of one of the oldest cities in the UK is a wonderful band named ‘Telling the Bees’, and we managed to get an interview with the lead singer and……

Interview: Chrigel of Eluveitie

This was our first ever interview, all the way back in 2011. Nemetona interviewed Chrigel from the mighty Eluveitie.